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Red Lion Controls NT328G Layer 3 Ethernet Switches


  • The new NT328G industrial Ethernet switch from Red Lion Controls offers Layer 3 routing, providing the ability to route across VLANs or subnets – versatility that ensures scalability.
  • Contains 28 high-speed ports (24-Gigabit, 4-10 Gigablt) and reliable wire-speed switching performance.
  • Offers exceptional performance and reliability to meet the current and future needs of the Oil & Gas, Water & Wastewater, Energy, Transportation, and video and security sectors, as well as other bandwidth-intensive industrial applications.
  • Housed in rugged metal IP30 rackmount enclosures, with CE and UL Class I, Div 2 ratings.

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Banner Engineering Direct Select Wireless Operator Interface


  • The Direct Select from Banner Engineering is a multifunction wireless operator interface that features multiple input, indication, and display capabilities and can send and receive information, direct actions, track performance, monitor equipment, and much more.
  • Battery-operated wireless device installs easily on mobile and stationary assets, machines, or equipment where adding or altering wired infrastructure would be impractical or not cost-effective.
  • Can be used as an input or output device in a wide range of applications.
  • Bright, eight-color indicator can be linked to device inputs or remote inputs from within the network.

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Tolomatic RSX096P Press Model

HRS-R Series IP54 Thermo-Chiller

  • The HRS-R series is the IP54-rated version of SMC Corporation of America’s popular HRS compact recirculating chiller, offering improved resistance to particles and water splash.

  • Housing is comprised of coated metal to resist degradation from oil mist, with a stainless steel option for greater corrosion resistance

  • Cooling capacities of 1.9kW and 2.9kW (@60Hz) are offered.

  • A larger 12L circulating coolant return tank is available as an option, which also allows for easier cleaning.

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Tolomatic RSX096P Press Model

SMC AFF/AM/AMD30 Series Compressed Air Preparation Filters

  • SMC Corporation of America introduces the AFF30 line filter, AM30 mist separator, and AMD30 micro mist separator, featuring a smaller footprint and increased flow capacity.

  • Face-to-face and depth dimensions are reduced by 30% from the existing model, to allow for a more compact installation.

  • Flow capacity of 750 L/min is an increase of 50% over the existing AMD250C series.

  • Filtration performance has also been improved (AFF: 1µm; AM: 0.1µm).

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Relays & Timers
IDEC High Performance HMI series ranging from 5.7 to 15”

DPB and DPC Three-Phase Monitors

  • Carlo Gavazzi has launched several new DPB and DPC series three-phase monitoring relays with a wider input voltage range.

  • Reduces the number of individual items that need to be stocked, while reducing heat dissipation and improving reliability and stability.

  • The DPB series has an input voltage range of 208-480VAC, while the DPC has an input voltage range of 208-690VAC.

  • Ideal for protecting motors from severe damage that can result from loss of a phase, phase imbalance, or phase reversal.

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IDEC High Performance HMI series ranging from 5.7 to 15”

Simplify Safety Controller Setup and Swapout

  • Banner’s entire line of safety controllers can now be configured using an SC-XM3 external drive, allowing you to apply a configuration to multiple safety controllers to get machines up and running quickly or to a single safety controller for an easy swapout in the field.

  • Available for SC26 and XS26 safety controllers with a FID 3 (or higher) feature identification number running version 4.2.0 (or higher) of safety controller software, as well as the SC10 series.

  • No safety system expertise is necessary to load and apply the saved configuration to a replacement safety controller.

  • You can save tested and perfected configurations to the SC-XM3 and reapply them without the risk of introducing an error or inconsistency into the configuration.

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Banner Engineering QCM50 High Performance Color Sensor

QS18 Expert Opposed-Mode Sensor with IO-Link

  • Banner’s QS18 Expert opposed-mode sensor with IO-Link is a compact, versatile photoelectric sensor with infrared and visible beam emitter/receiver, pairing with a range of 20 m (66 ft.).

  • Offers superior ambient light immunity utilizing a software-based algorithm to prevent unintentional triggering, preventing the sensor from being tricked by ambient light sources, such as a lightbulb, flashlight, or other light-emitting industrial sensors.

  • Each sensor can be set to one of 3 different frequency channels, so that three sensor pairs can be mounted side-by-side with no crosstalk.

  • Expert TEACH and SET methods ensure optimal gain and threshold for all applications, especially for high-speed or partial beam block (low contrast) applications.

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Turck PS+ Programmable Sensors


  • Turck’s PS+ pressure sensors are fully programmable, offering a local display as well as electrical outputs to provide critical feedback to a control system.
  • Stainless steel measuring cell for pressure ranges > 10bar.
  • IO-Link process data profiles enable the flexible connection of the sensor with a large degree of freedom.
  • IP protection classes 6K6K, 6K7, and 6K9K provides excellence resistance to shock and vibration, as well as a high pressure resistance to ensure increased system availability.

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IDEC High Performance HMI series ranging from 5.7 to 15”

AV/AVH-Series IP67 Sealed Anti-Vandal Pushbutton Switches

  • Carling Technologies AV/AVH-Series IP67 Sealed Anti-Vandal pushbutton switches feature a sleek, stainless design with various LED illumination options.

  • These single pole switches are available with momentary and maintained circuits, with quick connect tab terminals for easy installation and daisy chaining.

  • The high-powered AVH series also features ratings up to 30 amps, overload protection, thermal cut off, and reset-ability, providing superior safety and performance capabilities.

  • Switching options include ON-OFF, as well as progressive circuits perfectly suited for NAV/ANCHOR functions.

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