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Find out the Latest Information on Tubing, Transformers, Power Supplies, Flow Meters and other Components and Controls from Many of our Leading Manufacturers

In today’s world, as technology frequently advances and competition remains fierce, Steven Engineering believes it’s important to consistently offer you a selection of quality controls and components so that your organization can provide the best end product to your customers.  From tubing and flow meters to transformers and power supplies, we remain at the forefront of technology developments and provide you with product innovations through from our manufacturers on a regular basis.  Steven Engineering publishes continuous updates on the latest products, catalogs and brochures that have recently been released by our manufacturers.  On the next several pages preview the newest in product innovations and printed catalogs and/or brochures from our manufacturers like Banner Engineering, Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric, and SMC Pneumatics to name a few.

In this section, you will find a brief description of each new product along with a technical datasheet if available to supplement the product.  By giving you a wealth of information about the product, we believe you can efficiently evaluate the product, and make better buying decisions for your application needs.  Not only will you have access to product technical specifications for new products, but you will also be able to order the latest product brochures and catalogs we publish in this section.  All it takes is to provide us with information on where to send your hardcopy print, a few clicks and your catalog will be on its way.  Before preparing your next product requisition, visit our New Products and Literature page. To review the latest literature published by our manufacturers, click on "New Literature" below:


new products
Banner Engineering Wireless Nodes for Price Applications

Cost effective Wireless Nodes for Price applications

  • Banner Engineering adds two new wireless node models offering options for integrated I/O and include an internal battery and antenna.
  • Basic models in the Performance Series cost approximately 25%– 30% less than standard models, making them a cost-effective solution for monitoring multiple points in large installations.
  • Performance P6L Nodes have a 1-wire serial interface, making it easy to add wireless connectivity to Banner’s temperature and humidity sensors, vibration and temperature sensors, ultrasonic and similar sensors.
  • With one configurable discrete input, one configurable analog input, and one thermistor input, Performance P14L Nodes can provide wireless connectivity to multiple devices at the same time, including ultrasonic sensors, thermistors, flow sensors, pressure sensors, and more.

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Banner Engineering Create Custom Indication Solutions & Simplify Stocking Requirements

Create Custom Indication Solutions & Simplify Stocking Requirements

  • Banner Engineering’snewest light segment for TL70 Series Tower Lights utilizes new LED technology to support 14 color choices in a single modular segment and makes it easy to create custom indication solutions, modify existing tower lights, and simplify stocking requirements.
  • It can be used with a standard or wireless TL70 base as well as other RGB14 segments, one-color segments, an audible segment, and a wireless communication segment.
  • Segments easily stack one on top of the other and lock into position with a turn and click having up to six segments in one tower light.
  • With 14 color options embedded in a single segment, you can standardize your stock on the RGB14 segment and configure the color and display to meet the specific needs of any application in real time.

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Banner Engineering Protective Brackts plus Vehicle Detection and Collision Avoidance Tools

Protective Brackets + Vehicle Detection & Collision Avoidance Tools

  • Banner Engineering’s new R-GAGE Sensors, a.k.a. vehicle detection and collision avoidance tools detect cars, trucks, trains, cranes and other vehicles in extreme weather conditions.
  • These radar sensors can operate in harsh outdoor conditions with sensing functions unaffected by wind, rain or snow, fog, sunlight, humidity and fluctuating air temperatures.
  • These radar sensors use Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology to reliably detect movement and they can operate at 24 GHz in the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) telecommunication band.
  • The new protective brackets are designed to protect the sensors from impact and other industrial hazards, including weld slag.

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Banner Engineering SGS Safety Grid Systems

SGS Safety Grid Systems

  • Banner Engineering’s SGS Safety Grid Systems have emitter/receiver models and are capable of safeguarding over very long distances.
  • Muting sensors can be directly connected to models featuring integral muting, eliminating the expense of adding an external module or controller to enable muting.
  • These are available in four configurations with pre-mount hardware and Q20 retroreflective sensors and reflectors, muting arm kits make it easy to add muting capabilities to any application.
  • Active/Passive systems consists of a mirror assembly and an active transceiver that houses both the emitter and receiver: only one side of the deployment requires power and wiring, simplifying installation and reducing costs.

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Banner Engineering TL70 Wireless Communication Segment

TL70 Wireless Communication Segment

  • Banner Engineering’s TL70 wireless communication segment houses a Sure Cross® Node and antenna enabling two-way communication between a TL70 and other network devices, making it easy and affordable to add network connectivity to any TL70 Tower Light with a standard base.
  • Segment sends and receives data to and from network-connected devices, allowing you to monitor and update status from any network-accessible location.
  • Based on data from the TL70, a DXM Wireless Controller can send SMS texts and/or email alerts to notify staff of any change in status that requires immediate attention.
  • Improves performance and efficiency with OEE (Calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and other productivity metrics using data collected by the DXM from the TL70.

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Banner Engineering VS8 Series Miniature Sensors

VS8 Series Miniature Sensors

  • Banner Engineering’s VS8 Series Miniature Sensors fit into the smallest spaces and provide exceptional sensing performance and precision.
  • Sensors in the VS8 series have a space-saving form factor (21.1 mm x 14.6 mm x 8 mm).
  • Industry standard side mounting holes with 15 mm spacing simplify installation on new or existing equipment.
  • Models with a blue LED sensing beam reliably detect difficult targets with dark or reflective surfaces and transparent objects, like foils, thin films, glass, and plastic.

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Carling technologies
Carling Technologies BD Series Battery Disconnect Switch

BD-Series Battery Disconnect Switch

  • Carling Technologies’ BD-Series battery disconnect switch is designed to minimize battery drain and ensure maintenance personnel safety.
  • When used in conjunction with a padlock, this will provide vehicle theft protection.
  • Now rated 100-300 Amps also highlighting 12VDC/24VDC and IP67 Sealing Protection.

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Carlo Gavazzi Capacitive Proximity Sensors

Capacitive Proximity Sensors

  • Carlo Gavazzi’s new capacitive proximity CD34 series sensors offers teach-in capabilities, which assists in solving the most challenging level applications.
  • This sensor can be calibrated to overcome highly conductive, viscous liquids or tanks with very thin or think walls.
  • The compact and robust sensor housing with NEMA250 (1, 2, 4, 4x, 5, and 12), IP69K ratings and ECOLAB certification make it very suitable for wash-down applications and harsh environments.
  • The CD34 Series liquid lever capacity proximity sensors are perfect for level applications in markets like Packaging, Food and Beverage, Agriculture and Water Treatment.

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Harting HPR Easycon Connections

HPR EasyCon connectors

  • The latest add-on to Harting’s Han HPR EasyCon line, the Han HPR 22 Slim Connector accommodates up to four 250A contacts.
  • Extremely versatile and practical connectors assisting manufacturers of rolling stock assembling the complex electrical system of modern equipment with ease.
  • Its flat profile is ideal for height-restricted spaces like the underside of a rail car.
  • The ultra-slim profile leaves room in wiring pathways for other critical systems.

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Harting HPR Easycon Connections

Steel M12 INOX Connector

  • Harting’s new M12 INOX connectors are made of high grade stainless steel to provide superior corrosion resistance in harsh environments, indoor or outdoor.
  • M12 connectivity is standardized and reliable, widely used in industries like transportation, factory automation and robotics.
  • M12 connectors stand up well in most applications, even outdoors, but when the operating environment is especially harsh – for example, extreme salt spray or mist – a stainless steel connector like the IP 65/67-rated M12 INOX is required.
  • The M12 INOX is designed for an ambient temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, and up to 500 mating cycles, rated for up to 4A and 250V with crimp termination.

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Honewell Micropressure Board Mount Pressure Sensor MPR Series


WB2F code scanners easily integrate into compact devices

  • IDEC’s new WB2F series of fixed-mount 2D code scanners is designed to read two-dimensional codes such as QR codes, DPM (Direct Parts Marking), Code39 and DataMatrix.
  • With a built-in high-pixel CMOS sensor, this scanner easily integrates into compact inspection devices and can reliably read small code even from a distance of up to 150mm.
  • Modern industrial manufacturing locations use code scanners to manage traceability at the part level, making WB2F a great choice for users with applications in factory automation (FA), automobile manufacturing, electronic-related equipment, medical fields and more.

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Honewell Micropressure Board Mount Pressure Sensor MPR Series


World’s smallest-class solenoid locking safety interlock switch - HS5L Series

  • IDEC’s new HS5L series provides a quick and effective solution when you need a small, economical safety interlock switch for equipment or machines requiring solenoid locking.
  • 2 contact solenoid interlock switches ideal for use on applications such as food machines and injection molding machines.
  • 4 contact solenoid interlock switches ideal for use on limited mounting spaces such as small doors.
  • Has a variety of actuators, including spring–loaded.

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Honewell Micropressure Board Mount Pressure Sensor MPR Series


Bluetooth Relays

  • Littelfuse’s Bluetooth MP8000 Relay has a wide voltage and current range (90-690VAC) operating on 50/60 Hz, to protect nearly any motor or pump globally.
  • By moving the adjustment settings and display to the Littlefuse app, it has been designed to meet a wide variety of applications.
  • The MP8000 utilizes Bluetooth to connect to iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets via the Littlefuse app.

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Honewell Micropressure Board Mount Pressure Sensor MPR Series


100% Zero-Backlash Air Champ Spring Engaged Brake

  • Nexen’s ZSE brake family offers high torque, high speed and zero backlash ideal for holding applications such as: Conveyor Systems, Positioning Indexing, Trunion Tables, and all other Standard Through Shaft Setups.
  • Features include a holding torque up to 300 Nm with speeds up to 5000 RPM.
  • Unlike brakes using leaf springs to transmit torque, the ZSE is zero-backlash up to 100% of its rated holding torque.
  • Has 4 different sizes for a wide variety of applications: 450, 600, 800, 1000.

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