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In today’s world, as technology frequently advances and competition remains fierce, Steven Engineering believes it’s important to consistently offer you a selection of quality controls and components so that your organization can provide the best end product to your customers.  From tubing and flow meters to transformers and power supplies, we remain at the forefront of technology developments and provide you with product innovations through from our manufacturers on a regular basis.  Steven Engineering publishes continuous updates on the latest products, catalogs and brochures that have recently been released by our manufacturers.  On the next several pages preview the newest in product innovations and printed catalogs and/or brochures from our manufacturers like Banner Engineering, Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric, and SMC Pneumatics to name a few.

In this section, you will find a brief description of each new product along with a technical datasheet if available to supplement the product.  By giving you a wealth of information about the product, we believe you can efficiently evaluate the product, and make better buying decisions for your application needs.  Not only will you have access to product technical specifications for new products, but you will also be able to order the latest product brochures and catalogs we publish in this section.  All it takes is to provide us with information on where to send your hardcopy print, a few clicks and your catalog will be on its way.  Before preparing your next product requisition, visit our New Products and Literature page. To review the latest literature published by our manufacturers, click on "New Literature" below:


new products
Banner Engineering BRT-2B Reflector


  • Banner Engineering has replaced their BRT-2A reflector with the BRT-2B, which offers a significant increase in range.
  • Round, acrylic retroreflective target with a 61mm diameter.
  • Center mounting hole of 6.35mm is the same as the previous BRT-2A model.

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Banner Engineering K50 Pro Indicators


  • The K50 Pro series of devices from Banner Engineering has expanded to include additional communication capabilities with IO-Link and PICK-IQ for optical and mechanical operation.
  • These 50mm multicolor RGB devices are now available with either IO-Link communication for advanced animation customization or PICK-IQ for faster response speeds over a Modbus network.
  • Optical model has an illuminated dome to make it easy to see job light status.
  • Capacitive touch button models can be actuated with bare hands or gloves and has adjustable sensitivity levels.

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Banner Engineering RSD1 Remote Sensor Display


  • Remote setup and real-time monitoring of Q4X sensors is possible with Banner Engineering’s RSD1 remote sensor display.
  • Programming is accomplished with four tactile, multi-function pushbuttons.
  • View setup and inspection results with the two-line, eight-character display.
  • Stores up to six configurations for quick swap-out and product changeover.

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Banner Engineering SLE5 High Speed Optical Label Sensor


  • Banner Engineering’s SLE5 industrial label detection sensor can detect as small as a 0.5mm label thickness or gap width with a 40µs response speed.
  • Can detect single layer as well as multi-layer booklet labels, such as coupons or instructions commonly used in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Single button teach easily establishes the threshold between the backing paper and label, ensuring that product waste is minimized during set-up.
  • Small infrared light spot quickly detects the gap between opaque labels on clear or opaque backing.

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Carlo Gavazzi MC36C Compact Safety Magnetic Sensors


  • The new MC36C compact safety magnetic sensors from Carlo Gavazzi are the ideal solution to monitor the position of sliding, hinged, and removable safety guards, especially in dirty and dusty environments.
  • Wide actuation range allows installation in applications where great tolerances are required, such as imprecisely aligned safety gates or doors.
  • Can work as a standalone or in conjunction with a safety module to reach a safety category 4 rating.
  • Compact size (36x26x13mm) and IP67 rated protection allow installation in tight spaces and industrial applications.

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Honeywell Sensing and Control DPR Board Mount Pressure Sensors


  • Honeywell Sensing & Control’s TruStability DPR piezoresistive silicon pressure sensors offer a ratiometric analog output for reading pressure over the specified full scale pressure span and temperature range.
  • Measures differential or gage pressures for use with non-corrosive, non-ionic gases, such as air and other dry gases.
  • Internal diagnostic functions detect most internal failures, including burst sensors, and may reduce the need for redundant sensors in the system.
  • Pressure range: ±1.6 mbar to ±25 mbar | ±160 Pa to ±2.5 kPa | ±0.5 inH2O to ±10 inH2O.

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SMC Corporation of america
SMC Corporation of America EX245 Fieldbus System


  • SMC Corporation of America’s EX245 series is a PROFINET communication module that is compatible with fiber optic push pull connectors specified by AIDA (Automation Initiative of German Manufacturers).
  • Provides modular connection, digital input and output, along with connection to 32 solenoid valves.
  • Each module is capable of 128 inputs and 64 outputs.
  • Compatible with new functions of PROFINET v2.3.

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SMC Corporation of America JMHZ2 Compact Parallel Style Air Grippers


  • The new JMHZ2 compact air grippers from SMC Corporation of America offer the same gripping point as the standard MHZ2 grippers in a smaller, lightweight package.
  • Bore sizes: 8, 12, 16, and 20mm.
  • High rigidity and precision are achieved by integrating the guide and finger in one piece.
  • Repeatability: ±0.01mm.

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