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In today’s world, as technology frequently advances and competition remains fierce, Steven Engineering believes it’s important to consistently offer you a selection of quality controls and components so that your organization can provide the best end product to your customers.  From tubing and flow meters to transformers and power supplies, we remain at the forefront of technology developments and provide you with product innovations through from our manufacturers on a regular basis.  Steven Engineering publishes continuous updates on the latest products, catalogs and brochures that have recently been released by our manufacturers.  On the next several pages preview the newest in product innovations and printed catalogs and/or brochures from our manufacturers like Banner Engineering, Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric, and SMC Pneumatics to name a few.

In this section, you will find a brief description of each new product along with a technical datasheet if available to supplement the product.  By giving you a wealth of information about the product, we believe you can efficiently evaluate the product, and make better buying decisions for your application needs.  Not only will you have access to product technical specifications for new products, but you will also be able to order the latest product brochures and catalogs we publish in this section.  All it takes is to provide us with information on where to send your hardcopy print, a few clicks and your catalog will be on its way.  Before preparing your next product requisition, visit our New Products and Literature page. To review the latest literature published by our manufacturers, click on "New Literature" below:


new products
Banner Engineering QCM50 High Performance Color Sensor

QCM50 High Performance Color Sensor

  • Banner’s QCM50 color sensor provides reliable color verification across the entire range of the sensor, even in extremely challenging color- and contrast-based applications.
  • The high-performance sensor can detect up to 12 colors with one device, which saves inventory costs and enables faster changeover.
  • An intuitive user interface, integrated LCD display, and on-board buttons enable fast commissioning and troubleshooting.
  • The sensor can also be configured and monitored remotely via IO-Link.

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Banner Engineering K50 Pro Touch Buttons Now Available with Vibration Feedback

K50 Pro Touch Buttons Now Available with Vibration Feedback

  • Banner’s new K50 Pro touch buttons combine the family’ssame bright light output, ergonomic touch functionality, and robust housing as the rest of the line, with the addition of vibration feedback when the button has been touched.
  • Touch buttons with vibration feedback are ideal for users who prefer the tactile response of mechanical buttons over the visual response of traditional capacitive touch buttons.
  • Vibration feedback increases efficiency by quickly capturing the operator’s attention and enabling faster responses to accidental or mistaken touches.

  • Depending on the model, K50 Pro touch buttons with vibration feedback are easy to configure using either IO-Link or the intuitive, PC-based Pro Editor software.

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IDEC High Performance HMI series ranging from 5.7 to 15”

High Performance HMI series ranging from 5.7 to 15”

  • IDEC’s enhanced High Performance Series HMI sizes now range from 5.7” all the way up to 15”, adding application solutions that maximize display space and improve visibility.
  • Enhanced specifications include better resolution, brighter screens, larger user memory and a wider range of operating temperature.
  • Can have up to 4 protocols simultaneously, as well as utilize remote access, monitor and control functionality; FTP, email, mobile app and custom web page capabilities; an audio/video interface; and support for expansion modules.

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IDEC HS1T interlock switch with solenoid

HS1T interlock switch with solenoid

  • IDEC’s HS1T solenoid interlock switches deliver 5,000N of locking force in a slim body, providing you with the flexible mounting options you want and the protection you need.
  • Interlock switches are incorporated into machinery and equipment to monitor and lock gates, doors and similar access points.
  • High locking force allows usage in applications with high vibration, thrown debris, physical abuse and even bypass attempts.
  • HS1T interlock switches are strong, adaptable and secure; ensuring guarded locations are secure before starting a machine and denying access to certain areas during operation, features that are critical for operator safety and protection.

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Phoenix contact
Phoenix Contact Stand-alone IP20 IO-Link master

Stand-alone IP20 IO-Link master

  • Phoenix Contact’s new stand-alone IP20 IO-Link masters allow connection of up to eight IO-Link devices, providing needed connectivity to IO-Link devices both inside and outside the control cabinet.

  • Easy web-based configuration and communications interfaces for EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, and PROFINET.

  • Provides a point-to-point communication using your existing three-wire connections.

  • Through this connection, you are still able to acquire a simple digital signal and also have the ability to activate additional communications to acquire additional process, configuration, and diagnostics data.

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red lion
Red Lion 12.1” Outdoor Graphite HMI

12.1” Outdoor Graphite HMI

  • 12.1” Outdoor Graphite HMI operator panels from Red Lion Controls are the industry’s first rugged HMI touchscreens to combine I/O modules with protocol conversion, data logging, web-based monitoring and IEC 61131 control capabilities.
  • Available in nine different sizes ranging from 7" to 15", Graphite HMIs feature sleek full color touchscreens in a streamlined, compact footprint for easy installation.
  • Rugged cast-aluminum construction supports outdoor and indoor display with wide operating temperatures and high shock/vibration tolerances that enable organizations to connect, monitor and control processes regardless of environment.
  • Select from a wide variety of module and expansion options to seamlessly extend capabilities and address varying requirements.

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Rittal TS8 316L Disconnect Module

TS8 316L Disconnect Module

  • Rittal's new TS8 Stainless Steel 316L Disconnect Module converts the standard TS8 into a fully functional disconnect enclosure.
  • Fits TS8 316L and 304 stainless steel enclosures and is available in five standard sizes.
  • You have the ability to mount on either the left or the right side, and the module, when installed, maintains the UL Type 4X environmental seal of the system.

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Schmersal AZM201 Solenoid Interlock

AZM201 Solenoid Interlock

  • Schmersal's AZM201 Solenoid Interlock with its handy door handle is now available with built-in RFID technology.
  • RFID allows a coding level of “high”, meaning the interlock now offers increased tamper protection in accordance with the requirements of DIN ISO 14119.

  • Choose between three types of coding to determine the appropriate level of anti-tamper safety.
  • Can be connected with up to 31 safety sensors and interlocks in series with the resulting “collective line” of diagnostic information being fed into a serial diagnostic gateway for evaluation.

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Tolomatic RSX096P Press Model

RSX096P Press Model

  • Now with more options from the RSX extreme force actuator family, Tolomatic RSX096P Press Model has added the capability of replacing hydraulic cylinders.
  • Hydraulic-class electric actuator with forces up to 40,000 lbf (178 kN).
  • Design optimized for force in extend direction.
  • Ideal choice for pressing, punching, stamping and more.

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