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In today’s world, as technology frequently advances and competition remains fierce, Steven Engineering believes it’s important to consistently offer you a selection of quality controls and components so that your organization can provide the best end product to your customers.  From tubing and flow meters to transformers and power supplies, we remain at the forefront of technology developments and provide you with product innovations through from our manufacturers on a regular basis.  Steven Engineering publishes continuous updates on the latest products, catalogs and brochures that have recently been released by our manufacturers.  On the next several pages preview the newest in product innovations and printed catalogs and/or brochures from our manufacturers like Banner Engineering, Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric, and SMC Pneumatics to name a few.

In this section, you will find a brief description of each new product along with a technical datasheet if available to supplement the product.  By giving you a wealth of information about the product, we believe you can efficiently evaluate the product, and make better buying decisions for your application needs.  Not only will you have access to product technical specifications for new products, but you will also be able to order the latest product brochures and catalogs we publish in this section.  All it takes is to provide us with information on where to send your hardcopy print, a few clicks and your catalog will be on its way.  Before preparing your next product requisition, visit our New Products and Literature page. To review the latest literature published by our manufacturers, click on "New Literature" below:


new products
Banner Engineering Wireless Nodes for Price Applications

Cost-Effective Relays for Primary Safety Devices

  • Banner Engineering Cost-effective interface modules provides isolated safety output contacts for safety light curtains or similar primary safety devices with OSSD solid-state or hard contact outputs and external device monitoring (EDM) capability.
  • Can be used to expand the available outputs of a safety controller and increase the switching current capacity of low voltage safety devices to 6 amps.
  • Achieves up to SIL 3 (IEC 61508/IEC 62061) and Category 4, PLe (EN ISO 13849-1)
  • Achieves up to SIL 3 (IEC 61508/IEC 62061) and Category 4, PLe (EN ISO 13849-1)

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Banner Engineering Create Custom Indication Solutions & Simplify Stocking Requirements

Dual-Color WLS15 LED Strip Light with EZ-STATUS

  • Banner’s dual-color WLS15 low-profile strip light is a durable yet lightweight device that now features EZ-STATUS® capabilities for illumination and indication in one light fixture.
  • Combines bright illumination and indication in one low-profile light fixture designed for use in small-space workstation lighting and illumination applications.
  • The rugged construction and polycarbonate shell resists shock and vibration while remaining lightweight.
  • Draws half the current of other lights for a low power device and high energy savings.

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Banner Engineering Protective Brackts plus Vehicle Detection and Collision Avoidance Tools

Q5X Series

  • Banner’s Q5X series features high excess gain, enabling the sensor to reliably detect extremely dark objects, black targets against a black background, shiny metal background, clear and reflective objects, multicolor packaging, targets of all colors.
  • Features stable detection all the way to 2 meters even at an angle, which enables even greater mounting flexibility.
  • Simple to deploy quickly, saving time and costs and has dual teach mode enabling the sensor to verify multiple conditions—such as part presence and orientation—with a single device.
  • Highly configurable and can be programmed via on-board user interface, remote teach, IO-Link, or optional Remote Sensor Display (RSD).

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Banner Engineering SGS Safety Grid Systems

Q20 Electric Adjustable Field Sensor with IO-Link

  • Banner's newest addition to the Q20 Series is an electronic adjustable field background suppression sensor, also available in models with IO-Link communication.
  • Features bright LED status indicators visible from 360°.
  • Offers 10 to 30V dc supply voltage with complementary NPN or PNP outputs, depending on model.
  • Provides versatile mounting options, including M3 (3 mm) threaded inserts with 25.4 mm hole spacing.

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Banner Engineering TL70 Wireless Communication Segment

Sure Cross ® DXM Wireless Controller

  • Banner’s Sure Cross ® DXM Wireless Controller series provide simple communications gateway options that can be used to interface with local I/O, interface with Sure Cross Wireless I/O, transmit data wirelessly between traditional controllers, and/or facilitate Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) through the Cloud.
  • Expanded internal logic controller with action rules and ScriptBasic programming capable of developing simple or complex solutions to process, log, and control data to/from multiple wireless radios and sensors.
  • Memory—Upgraded internal processor to use 2850 32-bit integer registers, 2000 floating-point registers, and 1050 non-volatile 32-bit integer registers; expanded ScriptBasic programming capability for faster script processing and ability to build more complex solutions with scripts.

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Banner Engineering VS8 Series Miniature Sensors

SX5 Safety Laser Scanner

  • Banner’s SX5-B features menu-driven tools that guide users through setup and make it easy to design custom safety and warning zones to accommodate existing infrastructure and meet the specific needs of any application.
  • An innovative optical design and offers advanced filtering capabilities to provide best-in-class immunity to dust, dirt, and light interference.
  • Has on-board LED indicators and a large multi-segment color display that provide at-a-glance system status information so you can quickly identify zone breaches and resolve issues with a minimal amount of equipment downtime.
  • Has a compact, one-piece design that installs easily in any location without requiring time-consuming alterations to area infrastructure.

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Carling Technologies BD Series Battery Disconnect Switch

Low-Peak CUBEFuse

  • Bussman’s low-peak CUBEFuse series delivers the smallest footprint of any class CC, J or RK fuse solution, requiring up to 70% less space when combined with its unique fuse holder or UL 98 Listed Compact Circuit Protector.
  • Freeing up space is powerful, and while the CUBEFuse does just that, it packs up to a 300 kA interrupting rating and enables higher equipment short-circuit current rating.
    • Features industry-first plug-in capability for easier installation.
  • The finger-safe CUBEFuse is available in both indicating and non-indicating versions, with the indicating version featuring easyIDTM open fuse technology for faster troubleshooting and reduced downtime.

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Carling Technologies BD Series Battery Disconnect Switch

HR-Series Halo Illuminated Sealed Rocker Switch

  • Carling Technologies’ HR-Series is a perimeter illuminated, IP68 sealed rocker switch, featuring a stylish, low profile actuator that is available in either two or three positions.
  • These rocker switches have a variety of dependent and independent illumination options; momentary and maintained circuits; and up to two customizable laser-etched legends.
  • The patented design supports the various illumination options and allows the switch to be rated up to 20 amps, eliminating the need for relays.
  • These low profile rocker switches fit the industry standard cutout.

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Carling Technologies BD Series Battery Disconnect Switch

3Hp Single-Phase Solid State Soft-Starters RGTS Series

  • Carlo Gavazzi’s RGTS Series is a fully solid state solution, compact and easy to use soft starter for single phase two wire AC induction motors.
  • Motor ramp-up time as well as initial torque can be independently adjusted through the built-in potentiometers.
  • A green LED gives indication of control voltage presence while ramp-up and full-voltage indication are provided through an orange LED.

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Carling Technologies BD Series Battery Disconnect Switch

Capacitive Proximity Sensors with IO-Link

  • Based on their 4th generation TRIPLESHEILD TM sensors, Carlo Gavazzi’s CA18CA and CA30CA represent the ideal solution for automation applications where sensor flexibility or sensing performance needs to be constantly and accurately monitored and logged.
  • The sensors are housed in robust IP69K certified housings, which are ECOLAB approved.
  • With IO-Link sensor communications, each sensor becomes fully programmable and customizable, allowing more than half a million setting combinations.
  • Designed to be used in specific markets such as those found in industries, such as Plastics & Rubber, HVAC, Agriculture and Food & Beverage, providing the ideal solutions to perfectly fit the application requirements.

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Carling Technologies BD Series Battery Disconnect Switch

Inductive Proximity Sensors with IO-Link

  • Carlo Gavazzi’s IBS 04 & ICS 05 and 08 Series represent the ideal solution for industrial automation applications where space is limited, but long switching distance is needed.
  • The new generation of the ICB 12, 18 and 30 Series are a comprehensive family of high performance inductive proximity sensors for contactless and wear-free detection of metallic objects.
  • Once connected to an IO-Link master, these sensors can be easily and completely configured; enabling additional advanced functionalities such as the detection counter (RPM) and the speed controller.
  • Each sensor then becomes fully programmable and provides the means for hundreds of configurations in one single device.

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Carling Technologies BD Series Battery Disconnect Switch

Solid State Relays and Contractors with Integrated Monitoring

  • Carlo Gavazzi launches the RG..M Series of 1-phase solid state relays and contactors consisting of solid state switches that integrate monitoring features for quick and timely failure detection, besides the switching function.
  • Timely failure detection eliminates the need for re-work and prevents scrap, leading to better production throughput and better quality products.
  • Detection for mains loss, load loss, SSR open and short circuit, SSR internal fault and supply out of range are now possible without a need for external components.
  • The RG..M of solid state contactors and relays is equipped with an Alarm LED for visual indication of fault presence, and an alarm transistor output for remote signaling.

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