Honeywell Sensing and Control Sensor Applications

Occlusion Detection in Infusion Pumps Using Force Sensors 

Honeywell Sensing and Control FSS Series force sensors are designed to provide reliability, accuracy, and repeatability for medical infusion pump applications. The sensor is designed to help ensure there are no blockages in the tube that delivers medication to the patient. It features a stainless steel ball in a plastic casing engineered to withstand 4.5 kg of force. The media-isolated FSS eliminates the need for sterilization after each use. The small device is easily installed and can be reused after tubing sets are changed. 

Sensors Used in Sleep Apnea Machines

Honeywell offers a number of solutions that may be used in Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) machines which form a key treatment option for sleep apnea conditions. They include flexible heaters as well as pressure, airflow, and humidity sensors to help monitor, detect, or control machine performance and patient comfort.