Videos Added to Steven Engineering YouTube Channel

We have added three videos over the last week to our YouTube channel:

Phoenix Contact BLUEMARK Marking System

Phoenix Contact’s BLUEMARK makes the quick labeling of plastic labels for terminal block, conductor and device marking as easy as a paper printout. The latest UV technology makes BLUEMARK an environment-friendly high-speed printer. It can print 10,000 labels per hour. The marking is extremely wipe-resistant and immediately usable.

Panduit QUICKNET Cabling System

Panduit’s QUICKNET is a pre-terminated, end-to-end structured cabling system that supports high-density applications. Available in both copper and fiber, the network infrastructure can be installed in significantly less time than traditional field-terminated installation.

Phoenix Contact Space-Saving PCB Connections

Phoenix Contact is setting new standards in the miniaturization of device connections. Save valuable space with Phoenix’s orthogonal base strip, twin-screw connector and compact spring cage pcb terminal block.