Honeywell Sensing/Micro Switch GKME Dual Connection Safety Switches

Honeywell Sensing and Control introduces the MICRO SWITCHGKME-series Dual Connection Safety Switch. This product line extension of the GKM series includes two pre-assembled connectors allowing for daisychain connection from switch to switch. The ease of installing GKME switches may reduce wiring time up to fifty percent, resulting in significant savings for the customer.


The GKME is designed to enhance machine safety the removal of any switch indicates that a door is open and breaks the electrical safety chain. The design facilitates planned and unplanned maintenance by allowing modules of the machine to be easily removed and replaced, followed by plug and play of the safety switch.


Potential applications include packaging and assembly equipment; textile and printing machinery.



Honeywell Sensing/Micro Switch GKME Safety Switches


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