New Literature from E-T-A Circuit Protection and Control

Automotive – Safety in Transit

From the protection of complete vehicle wiring systems to trailer couplings, tail lift motors or electric windows, E-T-A can offer the optimum solution.  E-T-A automotive circuit breakers are designed to meet the demands of today’s complex automotive electrical systems by providing efficient and reliable protection against electrical overload and short circuits.



Electronic Circuit Protection to Minimize Factory Downtime – White Paper

This white paper produced by E-T-A describes switch-mode power supplies and traditional circuit breakers, and explains how new solid-state technology solved a longstanding problem affecting the uptime of switch mode DC power controlled manufacturing equipment.



Monitoring and Power Management

This catalog contains E-T-A’s comprehensive range of circuit breakers and associated products.  E-T-A offers an unrivaled choice of different types, ratings, configurations and operating characteristics – many of which can be adapted to special requirements.



Plug-In Type SSRPC 1048-7..

E-T-A’s 1048-7.. plug-in type SSRPC not only regulates the power distribution for your PLC outputs, but it also protects loads and lines against overloads and short circuits, and monitors all circuits for wire breakage.



Power Distribution System Module 17plus

The new E-T-A power distribution system Module 17plus offers maximum safety and flexibility for all manufacturers of control cabinets.  In addition, it helps to save time both during initial installation and routine maintenance.



Smart Power Relay E-1048-8D

The Smart Power Relay E-1048-8D (DICE) from E-T-A combines the functions of an electronic relay with integral over-current protection for DC 12 V and DC 24 V supply voltages.



Ultimate Roadside Assistance

E-T-A’s 1610 series of circuit breakers are designed for use in trucks, recreational vehicles, specialty vehicles, passenger cars and boats.  These resettable thermal circuit breakers eliminate the need for fuse replacement, which eliminates downtime, reduces replacement errors and increases efficiency.