New Products from Red Lion Controls

MLPS2 Power Supply

With the addition of the MLPS2, you now have a choice for power supplies when using the CUB5 Series. The existing MLPS1 power supply provides a 12 VDC output and the new MLPS2 offers 24 VDC. Both of these supplies accept 85 to 250 VAC and provide the conversion to DC voltage. 


PAXLCR Counter/Rate Meter with Relay Outputs
Red Lion is pleased to announce the release of a second meter in our new series of PAX® Lite panel meters featuring setpoint control, the PAXLCR. This meter features two independent counters and separate rate display capability. Easy PAX style programming makes meter set-up quick and simple. In addition, the PAXLCR provides dual setpoint control allowing users to have upper and lower control limits via two 5 Amp Form C relays.