Pepperl+Fuchs Videos Added to YouTube Channel

We have added three new videos from Pepperl+Fuchs to our Steven Engineering YouTube channel:

VOS300 Series Vision Sensors

At the packaging process of PCBs for digital watches, various evaluation methods offered by the vision sensor series VOS300 are demonstrated. First, the completeness of the PCB outline is checked by the vision sensor method “contour”. Incorrect parts will be eliminated. The complete filling of a blister package is then checked by the method “pattern”. Finally, the presence of the structured QC label is checked with the method “gradient”.
Rotary Encoders in Wind Energy Turbines
Wind energy turbines adjust to different wind conditions using an electronically controlled combination of rotor blade movement and variable rotor speeds. The sensing technology used in this wind engine turbine is adapts to different wind conditions. The rotary encoder controls the rotor speed.
Rotary Encoders on Fork Lifts
Rotary encoders are used to measure the fork height on material handling fork lift trucks. This application requires the safe removal or placing of goods at heights not visible to the driver. A shaft encoder provides the driver with height information indicated on a monitor in the fork lift truck.