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HARTING, Inc. of North America (HINA) is a system’s solutions provider representing both product lines from HARTING Electric and HARTING Electronics within the USA, Canada and Mexico.

HARTING Electric develops, manufactures and sells industrial connectors, connector technology and systems components to clients active in the fields of mechanical engineering, automation technology, transportation and power engineering.

HARTING Electronics specializes in the area of standardized PCB connectors and interface connectors for all aspects of industrial control and communications technology including mobile telecommunications.

Harting Industrial Connectors Han
Industrial Connectors Han®

HARTING industrial connectors are suitable for the harsh demands of industrial environments. They are used in all applications requiring a safe, removable electrical connection. The field of application for HARTING connectors is in protected electrical areas, such as control cabinets, to outdoor applications that require protection from extreme environmental conditions.



Ethernet Components and Cables (Automation IT)

HARTING Ethernet network components and cabling provides the communication platform for a convergent automation IT – network.

The performance of network components opens universal applications for harsh environment in IP 20 to IP 67 installations in Industry buildings, mechanical engineering and plant engineering.

Harting Automation IT



Harting Connectors for TCA Connectors for TCA

The PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG) is a consortium of over 450 companies with the goal to develop open specifications for high performance telecommunications and industrial computing applications.

The latest major specifications are AdvancedTCA®, AdvancedMC(TM) and MicroTCA(TM).

Metric Connectors
Mulit-Coaxial Connector System – Mini Coax
Interface Connectors
DIN 41 612 Connectors
Metric Connectors
Mini Coax
Interface Connectors
DIN 41 612 Connectors
Device Connectivity (DeviceCon)
Components for Optical Transmission
System Cables and Cable Assemblies
Tools and Machines for Cable and Printed Board Assembly
Optical Transmission Components
System Cables and Assemblies
Tools and Machines


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