Turck IMS 6.2mm Wide Interface Modules

TURCK introduces the new IMS interface module measuring a mere 6.2 mm wide. The module may be configured with a laterally mounted DIP switch for added convenience.
This extremely compact module provides complete galvanic isolation and up to 2.5 kV for the input, output and power supply. Galvanically isolated IMS modules are available with signal conditioning that acts as a dead-zero to live-zero signal. Alternatively, one and two channel modules are available without signal conditioning.
Modules are also available for temperature detection using Pt-100 technology or other thermo-elements. Those that use Pt-100 technology achieve 0.3 percent of the full scale, and are available with 2, 3 or 4 wire connections. An analog signal transmitter that achieves 0.1 percent of the full scale completes the IMS line.