New Literature from Phoenix Contact

Ethernet Installation Concepts for Industrial Automation

Automation solutions increase productivity by integrating all components and systems in an Ethernet-based overall solution, and enabling the seamless flow of information from the field level to the company command level and web level. When data is available at the right time in the right place, informed decisions can be made quickly, which leads to a competitive advantage.
To avoid gaps in technology as well as to ensure the future capability of the automation solution, many of Phoenix Contact’s components and systems use mainstream technologies from the IT area. In addition to the Windows operating system and the wireless standards Bluetooth and WLAN, various standard Ethernet protocols have been proven useful in a range of applications, including:
  • TCP/IP for transferring large, non-time-critical data packets.
  • SNMP for passing on diagnostic information to the control center.
  • FTP for transferring recipes and production data.
  • LLDP for recognizing the physical topology of the network.
  • RSTP for building up redundant data paths with short switching times.
Internationally standardized technologies are continuously being developed by numerous users and are optimized for industrial interests.  As a communication specialist, Phoenix Contact ensures that your investments are protected and can be easily adapted to the latest developments.