IDEC NC1V Circuit Protectors

The new NC1V circuit protectors from IDEC have a new manufacturing design, creating a modern look and feel while still providing enhanced reliability and safety you depend on from IDEC products. Two features providing just that include spring-up terminals and IP20 fingersafe protection, designed to reduce wiring time and increase safety.

Slim 35mm-wide housing saves space and can be DIN rail mounted or attached directly to the panel, making it simple to setup. NC1V are also available in 1-pole, 2-pole and 3-pole configurations. And a retractable actuator makes it easy to determine the status of the circuit protector.

IDEC NC1V circuit protectors conform to many international standards including being UL1077 recognized for applications where branch circuit protection is not required or is already provided. These thermal magnetic devices protect against short circuit and overload conditions. All NC1V circuit protectors are also CSA and CE marked.