Honeywell Sensing and Control MICRO SWITCH 1HP Pressure Switches for Aerospace/Defense

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) introduces its MICRO SWITCH™ 1HP Series pressure switch. The 1HP Series is an easily configurable pressure switch that can be rapidly customized to the precise, demanding requirements of aerospace and military applications. Offering the industry’s broadest pressure range (150 psi – 5000 psi) and a wide selection of fittings, electrical connectors, pressure set points and differentials, the 1HP series also enhances accuracy, containing a MICRO SWITCH™ subminiature switch in a design that delivers higher set-point precision and improves performance over temperature. The standard product is easily configurable which enables faster prototyping, development, and delivery lead-times than other commercially available switches.
The lightweight, compact pressure switch is used to monitor and react to gas or liquid pressure in aerospace or military systems. Potential aerospace applications include indication of loss of pressure, validation of system pressure, and automatic shut off of electrical equipment. Potential military applications include monitoring hydraulic pressure and fire suppression on ground vehicles.
“Many pressure switches products currently employ Honeywell’s MICRO SWITCH™ basic switches because of their enhanced precision. But only Honeywell has over 75 years of technical experience in developing MICRO SWITCH™ elements, with over 60 years in applying basic switching technology in aerospace and military environments,” explains Brad Kautzer, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Sensing and Control’s electromechanical line of business. “Unlike competitors, modifications to the precision element can be addressed in real time, in-house. Honeywell’s ability to deliver easily configurable packaging and to provide the widest range of electrical and sensing products in the industry from a single source is unmatched.”
Honeywell’s MICRO SWITCH™ 1HP Series pressure switches are DO-160 and US military specification approved. This expansion of MICRO SWITCH™ products strengthens Honeywell’s position as a leader in electromechanical switching for aerospace and military applications.