New Products from Fortress Interlocks

Padlockable Dustcover

Fortress Interlocks introduces a stainless steel spring-loaded dustcover which incorporates padlocking facilities. It is designed to fit the CL(S), ML(S) and BL(S) locks and can be retro-fitted, if necessary. The large, polished front surface allows for customer text.

Two padlock holes are provided which are designed to suit padlocks with shackles which range from 3mm to 8mm in diameter. These can also be fitted with the lockout scissor hasp.

Fortress Interlocks Padlockable Dustcover

Lockout Scissor Hasp

Fortress Interlocks’ lockout scissor hasp is intended to increase the number of padlock holes available to the user. This prevents the machine from restarting until all employees have unlocked and removed their padlocks from the hasp. This is particularly useful when there are a variable number of people requiring access to the safety zone, or where equipment has to be locked off unexpectedly or for long periods of time.

This stainless steel hasp can be used with the Fortress padlockable dustcover as well as other equipment. The hasp accepts padlocks with shackles from 3mm to 8mm in diameter. A version is available with a retaining stainless steel cable.