New Products from Schneider Electric

Virtu 30 Analog Ultrasonic Sensor
Save installation time and money with the Virtu™ Analog Ultrasonic Sensor. Ideal for use in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications, this sensor is offered at an economical price point and features a 30mm body style that can be installed in place of existing sensors. 
The ultrasonic sensing solution offers increased sensing distance of 4” to 39” with the option of being 0-10VDC or 4-20Ma for direct, inverse or auto-sloping functionality. The Virtu™ Analog Ultrasonic sensor allows for easy window setup, prevents tampering of the sensor while in operation, has a 30 mm cylindrical body style fits into existing mounting bracket, includes M12 connector that makes cable selection and installation easy, has durable body construction that allows the sensor to be used in harsh environments, and has a removable push button accessory.
The Virtu 30 Analog sensor features:
  • Sensing distance of 102 mm (4”) to 1 m (39”) 
  • Available in 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA 
  • 360° LED visibility status indicators 
  • Temperature ratings 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F) 
  • IP67, NEMA 4X (indoor) 
  • UL, CSA Certified and CE marked 
Modicon M340 Expands Functionality

The Modicon® M340™ programmable automation controller (PAC) now offers expanded functionality! More powerful than any other PLC in its class, its modular design and networking abilities make it ideal for simple and complex applications. 
Supported by Unity-Pro V4.0, this robust midrange PAC will address more applications and provide more flexible, open solutions when remote I/O. It also facilitates connection to third party CANopen devices. 
Easy to operate and more user friendly, the expanded functionality of the Modicon M340 midrange PAC features:
  • ”Level 2 Performance” CPU with a Modbus serial port 
  • 128 MB SD-memory card for data storage 
  • Expansion rack to provide more flexible open solutions when remote I/O is required 
  • Unity Pro V4.0 for programming and operation 
  • Integration with motion applications 
  • Improved legacy hardware migration 
  • Flexible application configuration with expansion racks. 
Modicon Unity Pro V4.0 PLC Programming Software

The Modicon Unity Pro V4.0 “All-in-one” easy to use software offers you ingenuity, flexibility and openness for increased productivity of machines, industrial processes and infrastructures.
With Unity Pro V4.0 users can easy and quickly select features needed for applications, support application development and simplify legacy application migration to new Modicon automation hardware. 
Easy to operate with a user friendly interface Unity Pro V4.0 supports all IEC 61131-3 languages, has an expanded catalog of I/O modules, e-mail (SMTP) on Ethernet embedded port of the CPU and supports multiple versions of Unity Pro software.
Unity Pro V4.0 features: 
  • Programs Modicon Quantum™, Premium™ and M340™ PLCs. 
  • Simplified legacy application migration to new Modicon automation hardware and Unity Pro software
  • Offers extensions for architectures & services 
  1. Configuration, communication, application functions 
  2. 3rd party devices on CANopen
  3. Supports the new M340 Rack Expander
  4. Addition of Pulse Train Output (PTO) motion module to control a stepper or servo motor
  • Application-specific services for Premium & Quantum
  1. Flying shear, Simulation on Premium 
  2. Simplified architecture for HSBY Quantum 
  3. EtherNet/IP support 
  • Services for installed base application management
  1. Automatic update for un-located data 
  2. More flexibility to convert legacy projects to Unity Pro
  • Collaborative solution
  1. Openness on all Unity Pro models 
  2. Vista Business Edition support