Littelfuse Up-LINK Remote Indicating Fuseholder

The Littelfuse Up-LINK® solid state, dead-front fuseholder provides remote fuse status indication without the need to incorporate proprietary network protocols. It features two separate indication modes: 
  • Remote indication for immediate notification to maintenance personnel
  • Local LED indication simplifies locating the open fuse once the panel door is open 

Advanced notification is beneficial in limiting expensive downtime, reducing production scrap or minimizing unsafe conditions to personnel. Up-LINK provides remote fuse status communication that can easily integrate with an existing PLC or system. If used in conjunction with a user-programmed PLC, additional information can be communicated such as fuse type, fuse part number, necessary Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) and where replacement fuses are located. In this way, remote monitoring throughout the manufacturing environment improves uptime of critical loads via immediate detection and notification of problems. 

Because there is no need to connect an external power supply or replace batteries throughout the life of the holder, the output signal is reliable and instills end-user confidence in its accuracy. 

It has also been designed to the same footprint dimensions as Littelfuse’s Class CC and Midget fuse dead-front holders, making design upgrades easy in existing applications and layouts. 

What does Up-LINK Offer? 
  • Increased Productivity 
  • Enhanced Reliability 
  • Improved Safety 

Product Features 
  • Cost-effective solution for remote fuse status indication and local LED indication 
  • Easy integration into existing PLC or system 
  • Non-proprietary 
  • Current-limiting Class CC fuses provide superior protection with high interrupting rating 
  • Meets stringent IEC and UL Touch Safe Standards to improve worker safety 
  • Time-saving DIN Rail mounting