New Literature from Phoenix Contact

HEAVYCON Heavy-Duty Industrial Plug Connectors

HEAVYCON plug connector housings from Phoenix Contact are ideal for panel feed-through and protect up to IP65.  These connectors are available with single and double-locking latches for B series inserts and are compatible with a wide variety of connection technologies.  The housings come in a standard gray for extremely demanding requirements, and an EMC housing for sensitive interfaces needing shielding against electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields.

Sensor/Actuator Cable CMAT Production Reference Guide
With Phoenix Contact’s customized sensor/actuator cable (CMAT) system, choose the exact cable length and type needed for a specific application.  These made-to-order cables are produced at Phoenix Contact’s U.S. headquarters, so turnaround time is quick.

QUICKON Power Distribution
Phoenix Contact’s QUICKON Power Distribution installation program is specially designed for use in industrial applications.  The line features touch-protected IDC fast connection technology and includes all essential components for widespread power distribution in machines, systems and buildings.

DIN-Rail Mounted Circuit Breakers
Phoenix Contact’s DIN-rail mounted thermal circuit protectors use heat-sensitive bimetallic elements that respond to overload electrical currents.  Thermal Miniature Circuit Protectors offer protection in a compact housing, accommodating ten nominal currents ranging from 0.10A to 10A.  Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breakers include a magnetic function which responds to very high current overloads such as those that might occur during short-circuit conditions.

PLUSCON Circular Connectors Overmolded Cable Quick Reference Chart

Quickly determine the type of PLUSCON circular connector cable for your application by using this reference chart produced by Phoenix Contact.