New Products from Harting

Crimp Versions for Han-Modular 2-Pin 100 A Module

Crimp connectors have a proven track record in the rail industry. A crimp version of the Han-Modular® 2-pin 100 A module for wire cross-sections up to 35 mm² is now available. The Han-Modular® series offers a full range of crimp connectors.
These modules are rated at 1000 V working voltage, and the opening is big enough to accommodate large cables with 14 mm cable insulation diameter. 

pCon 2000 Power Supplies Deliver Up To 120 W
HARTING pCon 2000 series power supplies are designed for control cabinet installation. 

They feature high power density, minimal power loss, a large operating temperature range and tool-free quick-connect technology. The pCon 2035-24, pCon 2120-24 and pCon 2120-48 cover the 35 W – 120 W and 24 V / 48 V range.

High Voltage Crimp Connectors Up to 240mm²
High voltage rail applications place significant demands on connector technology. 

To supplement its exiting Han® HC 650 axial screw versions, the HARTING Technology Group has added new crimp version to the series, extending the range of applications to 240 mm². A force of 13 tons is applied when the contact is assembled. Heat shrinkable tubing is supplied at the contact end for applications with up to 4000 V working voltage. 

The contact dimensions remain unchanged on the crimp version to maintain full compatibility with all existing housings and mounting frames.

Crimp Versions for Han350 High-Voltage Contacts
Seamless connectivity generally offers significant user benefits. This is one of the reasons why the HARTING Technology Group has added crimp versions to its popular line of Han® HC 350 high voltage contacts. 

The HC contact dimensions remain unchanged on the crimp versions to maintain full compatibility with all existing mounting frames and housing combinations. The crimp contacts cover the range of ISO cable cross sections between 25 mm² and 120 mm², and the expanded contact chambers accommodate large cable isolation diameters.

Han EE Quick Lock Module
In the past, crimp technology was the only option on module inserts which feature a high contact density. 

The HARTING Technology Group has integrated its new, patented Han-Quick Lock® technology into its Han® EE module to create versions which can be assembled without special tools. Assembly is quick and simple, and there is no need for special tools, making the Han® EE Quick Lock module the ideal choice for on-site field assembly. 

Reliable, vibration-proof connector technology ensures maximum safety and reliability even in very demanding industrial and transport applications. The electrical specifications of the new Han® EE Quick Lock® module are the same as the tried and tested crimp connector. The module has eight contacts. It is rated at 16 A / 400 V and is 100 % plug compatible.

Arc Spray Technology Improves EMC Shielding

With the introduction of a fully automated, robotic coating production plant, HARTING can plate a variety of different plastic housings. The innovative process utilizes arc spray technology with zinc as the coating metal.

Zinc is a highly conductive material that, when applied with high layer thickness through the coating process, provides a performance similar to that of full metal hoods. It creates a plating surface that is robust and also offers outstanding attenuation values. Additionally it is possible to solder directly on the coated plastic.

The process offers the ability to coat a wide range of plastics in everyday use. A wide portfolio of sizes can be coated ranging from parts the size of a coin, to items such as mobile phone covers and monitors, to applications as large as passenger cabins. A flexible manufacturing system allows for easy set up to meet small prototyping and development batch requirements, all the way through to high volume production needs.