Phoenix Contact 900MHz Trusted Wireless Ethernet Radio


Phoenix Contact’s new RAD-ISM-900-EN-BD is an industrial radio transceiver that brings Ethernet or serial data onto IP-based networks from remote locations, even in high-interference environments. 

The RAD-ISM-900-EN-BD uses the MOTR-9T radio platform, a 1-watt, frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) transceiver. It operates in the license-free 902-928 MHz ISM band. With the MOTR-9 radio, the user can configure over-the-air data rates up to 500 kbps. Adjustable packet sizes maximize data speed and minimize latency. The radio also incorporates selectable 128/192/256-bit AES encryption to prevent unwanted intrusion and to keep data secure.  

Multiple wireless communication streams allow simultaneous Ethernet, I/O control, and serial ASCII device communications – all from a single radio without external gateways or additional serial wireless converters. 

With the radio’s simple, IT-friendly embedded software, any network PC with a web browser can configure the devices. The RAD-ISM-900-EN-BD is approved for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations.


Phoenix Contact RAD-ISM-900-EN-BD Wireless Ethernet Radio

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