Phoenix Contact ILC 170 ETH 2TX Programmable Controller

Phoenix Contact has added the new ILC 170 ETH 2TX to the recently launched PC WorX programmable ILC 100 series. The ILC 170 features two Ethernet ports with a built-in Ethernet switch, eliminating the need for a separate Ethernet switch in certain applications. This makes it easy to daisychain multiple ILC 170 controllers. Unique to the ILC 170 is an optional removable SD card memory, which provides easy program transfer between ILC 170 controllers. The ILC 170 features a large onboard data and program memory (512 KB) and retentive memory (48 KB). 
The ILC 170 has eight digital inputs and four digital outputs (500 mA) integrated on-board. The I/O can be easily expanded directly by adding Inline I/O modules. Additional features include an integrated realtime clock, PLC switch and support of up to four local remote bus branch modules.
The ILC 1xx series controllers are programmed with PC WorX Express, which is part of the
AUTOMATIONWORX Software Suite 2008 (v 1.40). PC WorX Express is free of charge and supports up to 4,096 I/O points. PC WorX Express supports the new AX OPC Server for applications that require data exchange to any OPC client software packages or the upcoming new Phoenix Contact OT/TP series HMI operator panels. The controllers also support the Modbus TCP protocol via special client and server libraries in PC WorX for data exchange to any Modbus TCP-capable device.