Banner Engineering QL51 and QL56 Luminescence Sensors

The QL51 and QL56 Series Luminescence Sensors are easy-to-use, sensitive luminescence sensors that emit ultraviolet (UV) light and detect the visible light created by luminescent targets. This technology allows for the detection of luminescent marks (even invisible ones) on any surface, independently from its material, color, or distance inside the operating range, as long as the target radiates visible light when illuminated with UV light.


These sensors can be used to error-proof manufacturing lines and verify the presence of glues, lubricants, tamper-proof labels, inks, paint, or the inspector’s UV mark. There are many applications where the unique property of luminescence can be used to verify that a chemical or adhesive was applied, to inspect for leaks on a seal, or to ensure a critical manufacturing step was completed.

Many materials exhibit luminescence naturally or can be enhanced to include luminescence dyes (also known as luminophores). For example, white bond paper exhibits luminescence under the UV light without any additional treatment. Or a corrosion prevention treatment may be enhanced to include a luminescence dye so that its application can be verified later.

Advantages of the QL51

The QL51 sensor provides a high performance sensor in a robust plastic housing. The sensor has a simple user interface where 2 push buttons operate similarly to a gain pot adjustment resulting in a simple set-up.

The Advantage of the QL56

The QL56 sensor uses six UV LEDs which create a uniform and intense line of UV light. The structured light allows for reliable detection of luminescence marks on irregular or textured surfaces such as wood, textile, or cast surfaces. The sensor’s durable aluminum housing ensures years of use in challenging environments. Most applications can be addressed with the bi-polar discrete outputs, but an analog output signal is available to make subtle pass or fail decisions if greater contrast resolution is required.

Banner Engineering QL51 and QL56 Luminescence Sensors

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