New Products from Red Lion Controls

G3 Kadet Touchscreen HMIs

The G3 Kadet series of operator interface panels offer a host of functional interface and connectivity features for applications where FTP access, data logging, and web server capabilities are not needed. Based on the G3 series, with many of the same capabilities, the G3 Kadets offer far more features than conventional HMIs while providing an advanced interface that is ideal for OEMs, discrete machinery and process machinery.
Available in 4.3″, 5.6″ and 8″ models, the G3 Kadet series offers the same protocol conversion benefits as the original G3. The units have multiple serial ports, drag-and-drop configuration via Crimson programming software, and port sharing capabilities. The larger models feature integrated Ethernet allowing simultaneous communications with up to six device types including PLCs, PCs, drives, PID controllers
and more.

Plant Floor Marquee LED Displays

Red Lion’s Plant Floor Marquee (PFM) series are large, graphical multi-color LED displays designed to provide vital process and production information to personnel at a glance. The PFM series facilitates the collection, calculation and communication of critical production and process information such as production targets, cadence, alarms, machine uptime and downtime measurement, and OEE (overall equipment effectiveness). Available in four models, the PFM series offers highly visible, multi-color conveyance of data to the entire plant floor and to the enterprise level. The smallest is suitable to provide data at the machine level, while the largest can be used to communicate information across an entire factory floor at distances of up to 600 feet (182 meters). 
Far more than a simple large display, the PFM series features the unprecedented capability to communicate with over 170 different protocols, and the ability to send and receive data from seven or more device types simultaneously.
These unique capabilities, which are provided through a required host device (a Red Lion G3 series HMI, Data Station, or Modular Controller), allow collection of data from various sources – with integrated calculation to optimize displayed information in the way it is most useful to your facility. Along with the advanced network communication and data collection, the PFM host enables a web-based HMI for those not on the factory floor, and can store logged data to an FTP site. The PFM offers possibilities that reach far beyond conventional production displays.