Phoenix Contact MINI V8 Adapter for MINI Signal Conditioners

Why run 16 wires to your PLC when you can run one cable?

The MINI V8 adapter… 
Reduces discrete wiring and installation time by more than 67 percent
Uses pre-made cables to eliminate wiring errors
Quickly deploys the highest density signal conditioning system in the market

MINI V8 together with VARIOFACE cabling saves time 

At a slim 6.2mm, signal conditioners isolate, amplify and convert your analog signals and work on top of a T-Bus system. T-Bus allows you to remove individual signal conditioners without disrupting your entire process-saving you costly downtime.

Now the easily adaptable MINI V8 can be work together with the slim design of mini signal conditioners and flexibility of T-Bus.

The MINI V8 adds flexibility and saves time

The new MINI V8 easily integrates with MINI analog signal conditioners. Replacing the wires with the V8 adapter lowers your installation costs as well as installation time. No longer will you have to take unnecessary time to cut, strip, run, bundle, and verify every single conductor from your signal conditioners to our controllers.