Turck Flat Pack Noise Immune Sensor

TURCK introduces a new noise immune and easy to apply capacitive sensor for level
applications. The BCF10 sensor’s small size makes it more flexible for mounting in level applications, and it has the ability to detect liquids with high concentrations of chlorides, such as soaps and cleaners.
“TURCK’s noise immunity technology has been used in barrel style sensors for years, but has recently been retooled for a flat pack housing,” notes Melissa Schumann, product specialist with TURCK’s sensors division. “In applications where a detergent high in chlorides is used, it is typically contained in a plastic container. Over time, the detergent leaves a film or etch on the inside wall of the container. If a standard capacitive sensor is used for level detection, it will detect this film even though the container is empty. The BCF circuit incorporates a compensating electrode configuration that allows the sensor to detect through the film and to the actual liquid in the container,” adds Schumann.
The BCF10 is a DC sensor, available with a 10 mm sensing range in either a corded or quick-disconnect versions.