Phoenix Contact Checkmaster Mobile Test Lab

The question of whether or not the surge voltage arresters in use are still functioning is no longer a worry in the case of the pluggable arresters from Phoenix Contact. With the new CHECKMASTER, testing these modules is now possible at any time, directly on site.

Most TRABTECH products have a barcode. The integrated barcode scanner of the CHECKMASTER thus allows you to recognize the protective device to be tested fast and accurately.

Check your surge voltage arresters at regular intervals to guarantee that they are in perfect working order and to protect against “nasty surprises”. The VdS lightning protection directive and the DIN V VDE V 0185 – Part 3 also recommend that lightning protection systems be tested at regular intervals.

To provide a permanent record, CHECKMASTER has an RS-232/C, V-24 interface to which a PC or printer can be connected. The test results of the individual arrester tests can thus be printed out and processed in a protocol with date, time and other identification.

In addition to CHECKMASTER, a case with space for six test adapters is also available in the same design.

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