Phoenix Contact INTERFACE PSI Ethernet Modem

The PSI-MODEM/ETH analog V.92 Ethernet modem enables worldwide access to industrial Ethernet networks in machines and systems via dial-up line connections. All control systems and operator panels in an Ethernet network can be controlled remotely via just a modem and a telephone line.

The connection is established as a dial-up connection (remote data transmission) with 128-bit password encryption and continuous reauthentication via the CHAP protocol (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol), which prevents unauthorized access. This means that remote maintenance and diagnostics for remote network devices is as simple as dialing into the
Internet at home.

To ensure interference-free operation even under harsh EMC conditions, the devices are equipped with high-quality electrical isolation and integrated surge protection. The modem also features an integrated automatic “Sleep” function to increase battery life and a particularly wide supply voltage range, making it suitable for universal use. Plug and play and web-based management enable quick and easy startup.

The Ethernet modem is approved for use in public telephone networks in Europe, the USA, and Canada.