Banner Engineering EZ-LIGHT TL50 Tower Lights

The EZ-LIGHT™ TL50 Tower Lights from Banner Engineering are preassembled and preconfigured multi-segment indicators that are simple to install and provide highly visible operator guidance and indication of equipment status. With multiple LED color options and a robust housing, the TL50 replaces conventional stack lights, which require time-consuming assembly and complex wiring.

  • Delivers real-time operational status indication for workers and supervisors.
  • Installs directly on machine quickly and easily with prewired or quick-disconnect options; no assembly required.
  • Features a completely self-contained design – no controller needed.
  • Displays up to 5 colors in a single tower; choice of green, yellow, red, blue or white LED colors.
  • Allows multiple lights to be on simultaneously.
  • Promotes high visibility from all angles.
  • Eliminates false indication from ambient light; indicators appear gray when off.
  • Provides excellent yet non-aggressive light brilliance and visibility at long distances.
  • Includes models with audible alert; intensity adjustable.