New Products from Advantech Automation

UNO-1170 Embedded Automation Computer

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech introduces the UNO-1170, an embedded automation computer which features an Intel Celeron M or Pentium M CPU and 512MB/1GB DDR SDRAM. The UNO-1170 provides higher computing power than other device-level controllers and comes in a compact aluminum chassis with fanless and diskless design. The UNO-1170 can operate in temperatures up to 60°C and has a 512KB SRAM battery back-up system in the event of sudden shut down.

There are two Ethernet, three serial (RS-232/422/485), three external USB 2.0 ports and one internal secure USB port. The UNO-1170’s front-accessibility makes it convenient for wiring and its DIN-rail design allows easy installation. With rich OS and driver support, such as Windows XP Embedded, WinCE 6.0, and embedded Linux, users can integrate applications easy. The UNO-1170 is available with a pre-configured Windows CE and XP Embedded image with optimized onboard device drivers. 

With all these great features, the UNO-1170 is an excellent choice for machine builder applications, such as Electronic Discharge and Industrial Textile machines.

IPPC-7158B 15″ Industrial Panel PC

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech introduces the IPPC-7158B, a 15” XGA TFT LCD. The IPPC-7158B features a passive backplane with up to 12 ISA/PCI expansion slots, a front-accessible design with water resistant cover, a flat-sealed front-panel, and can be bundled with high performance PICMG 1.0 Core2 Quad/Dual or Pentium 4 Single Board Computer (SBC). An aluminum detachable side-open front panel (NEMA4/IP65 compliant) allows for easy installation and maintenance. 

For user interface considerations, this model has a front-accessible USB 2.0 port, programmable membrane macro keys, function keys, cursor keys and touchpad, OSD control behind the panel, and an optional analog resistive touchscreen through USB interface.

The IPPC-7158B is resilient enough to resist harsh conditions of any industrial environment such as testing and quality control in automotive industry and measurement, control applications, and vision applications in Machine Automation.

BAS-3000 Full-Featured Building Automation Controller Series

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech launches its BAS-3000 series; designed for Facility Monitoring & Control Systems and Energy Management Applications. With web-enabled devices, the BAS-3000 series provides easy access & remote management capabilities through an Ethernet connection with a friendly browser-based interface, offline simulation, and online debugging. In addition, all control modules in this series support both local and remote I/O expansion to increase flexibility and offer auto-tuning PID control allowing engineers to operate much easier.

The BAS-series consists of the BAS-3512/3520 Direct Digital Controllers; these are stand-alone programmable controllers delivering various onboard I/O, which provides flexible options to satisfy versatile application requirements. Secondly, the BAS-3520/3521 expansion I/O modules can be stacked on the DDC controller or can serve as a remote stand-alone I/O through an RS-485 network. Lastly, BASpro, is a free programming software package integrated with BAS-3520/3521 DDC. 

Developers can benefit from BASPro’s ease of use, allowing them to develop programs quickly, mainly due to user-friendly GUI. BASPro delivers powerful and flexible function blocks, such as scheduler, HVAC calculation, sequential control, PID control, alarm, message, etc. thus, eliminating the need to write program code.

32-Channel Isolated Digital I/O Modules for the ADAM-5550 Series

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech introduces the ADAM-5053S and 5057S, two new 32-channel high density digital input/output modules. Both support high isolation and up to 2,500 VDC to avoid damage from different channels and protect system operation stability.

The ADAM-5053S is a digital input module providing an over-voltage protection of 35 VDC, while the ADAM-5057S is a digital output module and features operation time of 15ms, insulation resistance of 1G ohms @ 500 VDC, and over-voltage protection with 70 VDC.

For critical environment applications requiring a high stability product with individual channel isolation protection, such as in Factory Automation, Machine Automation, and Intelligent Automation, these ADAM modules are the optimum choice.