New Products from Banner Engineering

WORLD-BEAM QS30ELVC Clear Object Detector

The QS30ELVC was developed to provide an easy-to-use, high-performance retroreflective sensor optimized for detection of clear, translucent, or opaque objects. Built on an advanced optical design, the sensor rejects false prox signals from mirror-like surfaces without relying on the polarizing filters used on previous Banner sensors. The optical design of the sensor ensures reliable detection of plastic PET bottles, glass bottles and containers, clear films and wrappers, and optically engineered surfaces such as mirrors, LCD glass with polarizing films, or semi-conductor wafers.

This sensor has a faster response time than ultrasonic sensors.
  • Reliable detection of clear, translucent, or opaque targets including mirror-like surfaces 
  • Automatic compensation algorithm compensates for dust or contamination on the sensor or reflector 
  • 3 selectable thresholds based on type of target being detected
  • Easy configuration of sensor via push buttons or remote wire
  • Includes a BRT-2X2LVC reflector and a BRT-40X19A reflector in the box
  • Easy-to-read operating status indicators
  • Rugged IP67 NEMA 6 housing for harsh environments; 1200 psi washdown rated per NEMA PW12
  • Compact housing, mounting versatility — 30 mm threaded barrel or side-mount

24 Volt DC Power Supply
Designed to provide low noise DC power, the PSDINA-24-4 Power Supply is a DIN-rail mountable power supply for use with 24 Vdc-powered sensors, vision cameras and lighting systems in industrial automation applications.

Ultrasonic and photoelectric sensors always benefit from the use of a high quality and low noise power supply, and the model PSDIN-24-4 power supply meets the need perfectly. Vision cameras and lighting systems also place high demands on power supplies, and the PSDINA-24-4 power supply will provide reliable and consistent power for these devices as well.

The PSDINA-24-4 power supply is UL listed and CE approved. The supply has an efficiency of > 80% under load.
  • Very low common-mode noise characteristic which provides “clean” power for sensors – even in noisy electrical environments.
  • Accepts a world-wide range of AC input voltage: – (85 to 264V ac, 50 or 60Hz) 
  • Provides 24 V dc output voltage adjustable ±10%: – (21.6 to 26.4 V dc adj. 4 A max)
  • Mounts to standard 35 mm DIN rail
  • 96 Watt maximum output power
  • Supply is protected against output over-voltage and over-current
  • LED indication of over and under-voltage, short circuit, and over current conditions
  • UL listed in the USA and Canada, and CE marked for sale in Europe.

M25U Robust Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Sensor
The M25U was developed for use in sterile environments to work with strict clean-in-place (CIP) procedures involving high temperature washdown applications. This product is made with FDA-approved materials and will carry the Ecolab certification.
  • Rugged IP69K-rated stainless steel design for use in demanding environments
  • Dual range/dual resolution opposed mode ultrasonic sensors; ideal for sensing clear objects or materials
  • Highly immune to ambient sonic and electrical noise
  • 10 to 30V dc operating voltage
  • Completely smooth barrel-style sensor has no grooves to allow buildup