Red Lion Controls GSM Cellular Connectivity for G3 Series HMIs

Red Lion announces the release of the G3GSM – GSM Cellular Modem card for the G3 series HMIs. This new expansion card allows the G3 to communicate via cellular technology, providing unprecedented connectivity for remote and mobile applications.

The G3 series of HMIs have always provided cellular connectivity, but only through the use of external third-party modems. By embedding the technology within the interface, Red Lion has created a reliable, easy to configure HMI for remote asset management applications. The expansion module requires a standard network provider “SIM card”, allowing you to choose their own cellular plan.

Once connected to a cell network, you can take advantage of the G3’s powerful feature set. The built-in web server allows you to monitor and control their processes, while the advanced messaging function dials out to provide early warning of process failures via text messages and email. The integrated IT-Ready data logger records system performance and events for later review. The powerful port-sharing feature even allows many PLCs and other devices to be remotely reprogrammed through the G3 for the ultimate in remote system management.

The G3GSM card is configured via Red Lion’s free Crimson® 2.0 software.