New Literature from Turck

FOUNDATION fieldbus Diagnostic Power Conditioner System

Turck’s Diagnostic Power Conditioner System is a power supply system for the installation of Foundation fieldbus H1 segments.  It also provides comprehensive diagnostic functions for monitoring Foundation fieldbus segments, and supports asset management for the entire physical layer.

Programmable Weld Nut Sensors

Turck’s magnetic-inductive weld nut sensors provide efficient and economical detection of weld nuts in automotive applications.  The sensors detect ferromagnetic components, such as nuts, bushings and spacer sleeves, to ensure these components are present before robotic welding occurs.

Sendix Absolute Encoders
Catalog for Turck’s single and multi-turn absolute encoders for CANopen, PROFIBUS®-DP, SSI and BiSS.

Instrumentation Products
Turck’s instrumentation catalog contains their extensive line of pressure, flow, temperature, valve and level products for industrial automation.

Connectivity Capabilities
The Turck Connectivity Capabilities brochure contains Turck’s standard connectivity products from M5 to M40 connectors, network media, cable and wiring examples, and a sampling of custom solutions they have done for customers in the past.