New Products from Harting

Han 40 A Crimp Module for Electrical, Optical and Gaseous Signals

In addition to the existing modules for electrical, optical and gaseous signals, a new Han® 40 A Crimp module is now also available. This is mating compatible with the Han® 40 A Axial screw module already in wide use, and is particularly suitable for applications with the highest mechanical demands. As an open connector system, the Han-Modular® series from the HARTING Technology Group reacts particularly flexibly to individual user requirements. In order to enable new configurations, the series is being continuously expanded.

A fundamental advantage of the Han® 40 A Crimp module is the efficient processing of the crimp contacts. Especially larger lot sizes can be very efficiently and economically produced with a crimping machine (such as the HARTING TC-C01). For assembly in the field, manual crimping tools are also available. 

  • Two power contacts up to 40 A at 1,000 V
  • Currents up to 60 A can be transmitted with 10 mm² strands
  • Standard Han® C crimp contacts with cross-sections from 1.5 mm² to 10 mm² (AWG 16 – AWG 8)

Han-Power T Modular Twin for Power Bus Systems
Intelligent motor control units are relocated so that they are directly at the machine or conveyor path. The HARTING Technology Group is supporting this change in installation engineering with its Han-Power® product group. In the area of power distribution solutions in decentralized environments, the new Power T solution, Han-Power® T Modular Twin, now represents a hybrid version with the highest level of insertion variance. The Han-Modular® Twin connector integrates two modules for power and signal transmission and consequently offers maximum flexibility.

This is a Power T that uses the Han-Modular® Twin connector as an interface, allowing currents up to 40A at 400/690 V to be transmitted. There are also two contacts available for 24 V; thanks to integrated detection, it is clear whether or not all the connectors in a system are inserted. Individual adjustment to customer wishes is possible. The combination of signal connector and power connection can be used in various ways, depending on the application.

In the event that two consumers are very close to each other, the Power T’s used can even be connected directly to each other. The system cables that have been opted for have also been developed in such a way that they can simply be fit together with connectors if additional length is required.

Han Q 8/0 Contact Insert with Quick Lock Termination
Now that a number of products from the Han® product range have already been equipped with the new and innovative Han-Quick Lock® termination technology, this technology is also being deployed on the Han® Q 8/0 contact insert. Consequently, this contact insert is currently also available with the quick-to-assemble Han-Quick Lock® termination technology, in addition to the proven crimp termination technology. The patented Han-Quick Lock® technology allows time-saving and simple assembly without special tools. A standard, commercially available screwdriver is sufficient. This makes the Han® Q 8/0 Quick Lock excellently suitable for pre-assembly in the field. 

The reliable and vibration-proof contact offers maximum reliability in the most diverse application areas. Han® Q 8/0 Quick Lock can be used in power, signal and control applications. The electrical specifications of the new insert are the same as the proven Han® Q 8/0 with crimp termination and is 100% plug compatible. 

  • Terminal for stranded wire with a cross-section of 0.5 mm² – 2.5 mm² (AWG 20-14)
  • 8 power contacts + PE
  • Designed for 16 A and 500 V

Gender Changers for PROFINET RJ45 + Power System Cables
Han® PushPull is a product family of the HARTING Technology Group featuring rugged connectors for transmitting optical and electrical communication, as well as signals and power to IP65/IP67 protection class. The PushPull connectors comply with the PROFINET guideline and are already in widespread use in all plant automation areas in the automotive industry.

New family members are two gender changers in rugged metal housings for transmitting electrical communication or power. The gender changers from the Han® PushPull family now make it possible to use different cable types (solid, flexible or those suitable for a drag chain) or to extend comparably assembled system cables in accordance with the PROFINET guideline for data cabling with RJ45 and the 24V supply.

  • RJ 45 with transmission characteristic category 6 / class E to 250 MHz
  • Gender changer power for 24 V power supply/16 A with 4-pole insert + function ground
  • 4 M5 mounting screws for mounting to flat bases 

Han EEE High Density 16A Connector
Thanks to a very space-saving and compact design, the Han® EEE series impresses with the highest contact density that has ever been possible in a monoblock with Han E® crimp contacts. The Han® EEE series combines reliability and versatile application possibilities thanks to the combination of the simplest handling, as in the proven Han E® series, and the new space-saving contact arrangement.

  • Available in: Han® 40 EEE (40 crimp contacts/size 16 B)
  • Available in: Han® 64 EEE (64 crimp contacts/size 24 B)
  • 500 V at 16 A
  • Can be inserted into the housing series: Han® B, Han® EMC, Han® M and Han® HPR
  • Control cabinet assembly with Han-Snap®

Han Modular Docking Frame
The Han-Modular® system now also allows “blind” insertion by automatic processes. Thanks to the newly developed docking frame, it is now possible to set up a modular docking connector even without a housing. This allows the modular system to be used in insertion processes that are not hand-guided.

With Han-Modular®, users can select and assemble their “customized” connectors themselves. New models are continually being added to the Han-Modular® series so that customer requirements can be optimally met. Now a new Han-Modular® docking frame has joined the 36 existing modules for electrical, optical and gaseous signals and the most diverse application options in the Han® industrial connectors. 

The new docking frame makes it possible to implement a modular docking connector without a housing. Such connectors are needed for racks in switch cabinets, for example. The rack cassette is slid into the cabinet. The connector sides can now be guided together “blind” and securely inserted.

This is achieved by a floating frame which can move freely in a range of +/- 2 mm. At the same time, very stable leading, centering pins/bushes ensure that the two connector sides are securely connected to each other.

  • For docking applications in the IP 20 range
  • Very mechanically stable plastic frame
  • Cost efficient system without additional PE contacts
  • Suitable for all Han-Modular® modules
  • Rack compensation +/- 2 mm (optionally +/- 4 mm)
  • Two sizes available: for 4 or 6 modules