Pepperl+Fuchs VCS210 Color Sensors

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces VCS210 Color Sensors.  These sensors enable users to program, evaluate, process and display up to 255 distinct colors for precise performance geared to specific application needs.  With a 100µs optimal response time, VCS210 sensors are up to 10 times faster than competitive color sensors.  In many applications this will significantly improve productivity by reducing instances where the process would otherwise need to slow down, or even stop, for an inspection.  Users will also spend far less time reprogramming and readjusting sensors to account for future application variances.
“Unlike many RGB and other color sensors, the VCS210 can evaluate colors quite similar to human vision. This means that the sensor can look at the true color of the target and not be affected by its glossiness or brightness, resulting in consistent, repeatable checks of a target color,” says Jeff Allison, Product Manager – Photoelectric Sensing.  “Additionally, most competitive color sensors are able to recognize up to eight or so different colors. But to date nothing comes close to rivaling the VCS210, which can recognize up to 255 colors in a single 3 in. x 1.5 in. x 1.5 in. housing,” he says.
VCS210 color sensors offer an extensive range of selectable settings, including seven different evaluation methods, six different color space modes and six different output-trigger methods. And in spite of its sophisticated technology, programming is quick and easy with user-friendly, intuitive Windows-based software. 
These performance attributes make the VCS210 uniquely equipped to cover a wider range of applications.  They are ideally suited for packaging applications where multiple product types need to be identified and diverted to different packaging lines, as well as automotive applications where molded interior parts, carpeting or upholstery needs to be sorted or verified by color.  They are also well suited for sorting in pharmaceutical applications, verifying the correct order of wires in connectors (by color) in electronics applications, checking fabric and leather colors in textile applications, and controlling the mixing process in paint applications.
VCS210 color sensors are available in diffuse and thru-beam modes.  A wide range of fiber optic cables and fiber optic tips are available even where space is severely limited, and/or the user has a preferred mounting method.