Banner Engineering SSM Safe Speed Monitoring Module

Banner Engineering has produced the SSM Safe Speed Monitoring Module to provide a solution to identify when hazardous motion has stopped or reached a “safe” speed in which there is no longer a hazard to individuals. The SSM modules can also identify under-speed or over-speed situations.
  • Dual-channel redundancy
  • Monitors 2 sensors with PNP outputs
  • Monitors rotation (rpm) or linear movement
  • LED indication for power, input 1 and input 2
  • 24V ac/dc operation
  • Feedback input monitors external machine control elements
  • 2 redundant, forced guided output contacts rated at 4A, plus one auxiliary N.C. output contact
  • Stop Category 0, per ISO 13850 (EN 418)
  • Category 3, per ISO 13849-1 (EN 954-1)
  • DIN-rail mountable 45 mm wide housing with removable terminal blocks
  • Energizes output relays (closes N.O. contacts), when speed drops below set value, for “standstill” (under-speed) monitoring
  • De-energizes output relays (opens N.O. contacts), when speed rises above set value, for over-speed monitoring