Turck FM Approved Quick Disconnect Sensor-Cordset Combination

TURCK has expanded its offering of FM approved 12, 18 and 30 mm 3-wire DC barrel sensor and cordset combinations. Now, quick disconnect sensors may be used in Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D environments when equipped with a TURCK lokfast™ guard. TURCK sensors with potted-in cable for use with conduit are also FM approved for these locations.

TURCK’s lokfast guards render quick disconnections not “normally arching” by eliminating access to the coupling nut and requiring a tool for removal. The ability to use quick disconnect technology enables customers to install sensors faster and at a lower installed cost than traditional conduit methods. All TURCK sensors that carry FM approval also carry IEC IP 68 degree of protection.

TURCK’s ITC rated M12 eurofast ® or 7/8 16UN minifast ® connectors and cable are also FM approved when used with the lokfast guard.

Turck FM Approved Quick Disconnect Sensor-Cordset Combinations

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