Banner Engineering D10 Small Object Counter

Banner Engineering’s new D10D Small Object Counter provides reliable low-contrast sensing for small object counting and detection in the proven D10 Expert fiber amplifier.


  • Easy-to-set selectable threshold with automatic compensation algorithm
  • Automatic compensation algorithm compensates for dust or contamination on the fiber optic array and for ambient temperature changes
  • 16-bit microcontroller and 12-bit Analog-to-Digital converter (ADC) for high-performance, low-contrast sensing
  • Easy-to-read 4-digit display for Health Mode, Percentage Blocked, Signal Level, or Counter Mode readout, plus indicators for a continuous readout of operating status (user configurable)
  • Sleek, ultra-slim 10 mm housing, mounts to a standard 35 mm DIN rail
  • Single discrete output plus Health Mode output to indicate preventative maintenance is required
  • Three-mode power and speed selection to optimize detection reliability
  • Dynamic event stretcher to ensure one output per event — especially for gel-cap style pills
  • Visible red (680 nm) sensing beam
  • Models available with 2 m or 9 m (6.5′ or 30′) cable or integral Pico-style quick-disconnect