Pepperl+Fuchs UB60 Ultrasonic Height and Thickness Sensor

The new UB60-12GM-U-V1-Y204917 is designed specifically for applications requiring measurement of small objects on a conveyor or table. This sensor requires no external programming or teaching. With a reference distance of 50 or 60mm the sensor can measure a target up to 30mm tall. Applications such as box height detection, package thickness measurement and others can be solved with this sensor.

The sensor works by measuring the time it takes to send and receive a burst of sound from the reference target (typically a conveyor). It automatically sets its voltage output to 0V for this reference target. Any target that comes closer to the sensor is immediately detected and the analog output is adjusted accordingly. At its rated reference distance of 60mm the sensor has only a 20mm wide beam, making it useful for detecting very small objects (10mm by 10mm square is minimum recommended).

The small 12mm diameter housing allows this sensor to be easily mounted in just about any application. Standard 4-pin M12 connection simplifies wiring and gives several options for mating cordsets.

Features Include:
  • Automatic programming
  • High resolution of 0.17mm
  • Fast response time of 12ms
  • Analog voltage output – 0 to 10V
  • Extremely narrow sound cone
  • Dynamic distance and temperature compensation