New Products from Phoenix Contact

MINI 12VDC Uninterruptible Power Supply

Especially compact and easy-to-use, the new MINI-DC-UPS/12DC/4 is a combination of the power supply unit and an uninterrupted power supply in the conventional ME housing. It secures the operation of all connected 12 V consumers in the electrical systems both in the case of an error-free supply network and in the event of mains interferences.


The combined solution enables a slim design with dimensions of 67.5 x 99 x 107 mm. The wide-range input allows input voltages between 85 V AC and 264 V AC; 2 A is provided at the output with a regulated and adjustable output voltage between 10 V DC and 16 V DC. The rechargeable battery module supplies an output voltage between 13.6 V DC and 9.6 V DC in the buffer mode. A 1.6 Ah or a 2.6 Ah rechargeable battery module is used depending on the required buffer time. The buffer time varies depending on the load current.


The system availability is increased using extensive signaling through control lamps and active switching outputs. The charging process of the rechargeable battery module, the operational readiness, the buffer mode and the alarm messages are displayed before the rechargeable battery module is discharged. The service life of the rechargeable battery module can be increased by optimum battery management; for example, a temperature-compensated charging protects the rechargeable battery module at high ambient temperatures. An integrated timeout minimizes installation costs considerably.


Phoenix Contact MINI 12VDC UPS

QUINT SFB 24V/40A Three-Phase Power Supply

This new QUINT SFB variant is the smallest three-phase, 24 V DC/40 A, industrial-grade power supply currently available. At only 96 mm (3.78 in), it is ideally suited for demanding applications with restricted space allowances.
  • Worldwide input voltage range: 3 x 320-575 V AC, 450-800 V DC
  • Selective Fuse Breaking (SFB) Technology: 215 A output for 12 ms
  • Adjustable output: 18-29.5 V DC
  • Advanced diagnostics: DC OK, Power Boost, Overload
STEP NEC Class 2 Power Supply

The new STEP power supply with 24 V DC, 3.8 A output has been specifically designed for NEC Class 2 applications where a 100-watt inherently limited power supply is needed.
  • Worldwide input voltage range: 85-264 V AC, 95-250 V DC
  • Adjustable output voltage of 22.5-25 V DC
  • Fine tuning of output voltage
  • Efficiency: Only 0.7 W consumption idling
  • Local diagnostics: Indication of the DC output status