New Products from Schneider Electric

C60H-DC Miniature Circuit Breakers

Manage your global applications with the C60H-DC miniature circuit breakers that feature a compact footprint and were designed for a variety of direct current (DC) control circuits for applications globally. By applying the same breakers for global DC applications, you can reduce part numbers and cost for inventory.

This circuit breaker can be utilized with all of the existing Multi 9 TM accessories and provide overcurrent protection for DC control circuits when applying within electrical equipment where a branch circuit protection is already provided or not required. Featuring CCC certification, this circuit breaker helps in selling for use in China and also eliminates all costly tracking process for exporting equipments with DC breakers from China.

The C60H-DC miniature circuit breaker is ideal for emergency applications where an auxiliary energy source is required to supply essential services in hospitals, telecommunications, data centers, safety and emergency installations like alarms and lighting.

XUX8 Adjustable Background Suppression Sensors
Designed specifically for the packaging industry, the XUX8 photoelectric sensor is the only highly accurate diffuse photoelectric sensor that contains adjustable background suppression. The state-of-the-art technology makes it ideal for short and long range sensing on packing and wrapping machines.

The XUX8 is:
  • Available in both AC/DC models
  • 5-wire AC or DC NC/NO relay output
  • 3-wire DC, solid-state output
  • Programmable for Normally Open or Normally Closed functionality

Earth Leakage Module for PowerPact H- and J-Frame Circuit Breakers

Industry experts indicate that the majority of all electrical circuit faults that occur in industrial and commercial power systems are initially manifested as ground faults (also called earth leakage or residual current). Detecting ground faults before they reach hazardous levels helps avoid damage to critical process equipment. This allows preventive maintenance to be scheduled before costly damage occurs, minimizing costly downtime.

The Square D® earth leakage module (ELM) provides protection against low-level ground fault in 15 A to 250 A circuits. The ELM is a UL 1053-listed module which connects to a PowerPact H- or J-Frame molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) to provide low-level, ground-fault sensing and protection functions with sensitivity ranges between 30 mA and 3 A. Each ELM has adjustments for five current sensitivity levels and four time delays. This allows settings to help maximize protection and minimize risk of nuisance tripping, in each application (the time delay defines the length of time during which the leakage will persist, before tripping is initiated).