Pepperl+Fuchs Flat to Flat Cable Splitter Box

The VAZ-T1-FK-CLAMP1 AS-Interface Flat-to-Flat Cable Splitter Box with two double spring terminals from Pepperl+Fuchs’ is now rated for 8A operating current. The 8A rating allows users to transfer the same current as is possible with competitive splitter boxes, but in a smaller, lower cost package. With the ability to connect two cables and transfer 8A of current, users will be able to connect machine sections at full current.
“Particularly useful for applications inside of junction boxes, this splitter box greatly simplifies and speeds the connection of devices to AS-Interface. It finally facilitates the simple connection of junction boxes and panels to the trunk line, as well as power supplies and AS-Interface scanners to the bus without sacrificing current capabilities,” says Helge Hornis, PhD, Manager, Intelligent Systems.
The splitter box features a compact, one-part housing with IP20 protection for robust operation and simple installation. This splitter is part of a family of solutions that, with a low starting list price, makes AS-Interface wiring even more cost attractive.
Because of its simplicity, AS-Interface is an ideal wiring solution for machines that are built, tested and broken down for shipment before being reassembled at the customer plant. Typical applications include general conveyor and specialty machines. Safety solutions using AS-Interface Safety at Work also benefit from this timesaving adapter.