Banner Engineering Super High-Power QS30H2O Water Sensors

The QS30H2O product line was developed to detect the presence of water and water-based liquids. The typical application is verifying liquid fill on bottling lines and packaging machines. The sensors can also be used to verify water flow at a nozzle, or detect liquid level in a sight glass.

New higher output emitters have been specified in the super high-power models which allow the maximum sensor gain to be increased by a factor of 10. This extra burn-through power will enable the detection of liquid contents in thicker containers.

The sensor combines very high optical power to penetrate the clear or translucent container, yet remains very sensitive to the presence of water which absorbs the 1450 nm light. In the event that the sensor is burning though both the container and the liquid contents, the system gain should be reduced with apertures, increased separation distance, or mis-alignment of the sensors.

  • Special emitter/receiver technology tuned to an absorption band of water makes the sensor pair sensitive to the presence of water and water based liquids.
  • Extremely high excess gain makes the sensors powerful enough to burn through many types of plastic and glass containers but still sensitive to the presence of liquid inside the container.
  • Built in electronic crosstalk avoidance allows multiple sensor pairs to be used in close proximity.
  • Rugged IP67 housing for harsh environments with epoxy encapsulated electronics.
  • Washdown rated PW12 – tested with 1200 psi spray.
  • Compact housing, mounting versatility — 30 mm threaded barrel- or side-mount
  • Models available with 2 m or 9 m (6.5′ or 30′) cable, or 150 mm (6″) pigtail with quick-disconnect fitting
  • Apertures included with the sensor to adjust sensor gain and shape the effective beam