Honeywell Sensing and Control HIH-5030/5031 Humidity Sensors

For industrial or medical equipment manufacturers that need an accurate, high-performing Surface Mount Device (SMD) humidity sensor, Honeywell introduces the HIH-5030 and HIH-5031 Series Humidity Sensor. These sensors are available on tape and reel (1,000 units per reel), allowing for use in high volume, automated pick-and-place manufacturing, eliminating lead misalignment to printed circuit board through-holes.

These new humidity sensors complement Honeywell’s existing HIH-4030/4031Series SMD humidity sensors by operating at lower supply voltage (down to 2.7 VDC), allowing for greater application flexibility, especially in applications that are battery operated. The HIH-5030 is a covered integrated circuit humidity sensor; the HIH-5031 is a covered, condensation-resistant, integrated circuit humidity sensor that is factory-fitted with a hydrophobic filter, allowing it to be used in condensing environments.

These sensors provide enhanced stability, accuracy and response time over the entire humidity range of 0~100% RH. Their small, space-saving housing profile allows for application flexibility; multi-layer construction and hydrophobic filter provide resistance to common contaminants such as condensation, dirt, dust, oils and common environmental chemicals.

The HIH-5030 Series and HIH-5031 Series humidity sensors are designed for use in the following potential applications:

Industrial: Air compressors, battery-powered systems, drying equipment, HVAC, OEM assemblies, office automation equipment, process equipment, refrigeration, telecommunications cabinets, weather stations and meteorology equipment

Medical: Hospital air compressors, infant incubators, microenvironments, sleep apnea equipment and treadmill stress monitoring equipment