New Literature Available from Baldor

Due to our newly formed partnership with Baldor, we are offering the following brochures to get you better acquainted with Baldor’s wide range of motion control products:

AC Drives Solutions
Baldor V*S range of industrial AC drives defines quality, reliability and performance. Utilizing easy-to-use interfaces and intuitive programming, V*S High Performance Drives, Pump and Fan Drives and Microdrives have the capability to meet any application need.

AC Servo Drives
Baldor offers a wide choice of cost effective and easy to use servo drives. Whether your needs call for control of speed or torque, preset point-to-point moves, or a fully programmable single axis positioned/drive, then Baldor has the answer.

AC Servo Motors and Servo Rated Gearheads
Ever since the beginning in 1983, Baldor has been supplying reliable servo motor solutions to worldwide applications. Baldor goes beyond the industry standard with innovations such as extra high insulated stator design for protection, superior bearings to provide four times greater life, and premium high temperature moisture resistance and multi-coated copper wire to cope with large current spikes.

DC Servo Motors and Drives
Baldor’s DC high performance servo motors were designed rugged to meet demanding requirements of industrial motion control. They can be supplied with many electrical and mechanical options so the design fits your application.

Honeycomb Dual Axis Linear Motors
Baldor has engineered a new, unique, lower cost, Dual Axis linear base with stepper motor to provide exceptional durability and reliability for hundreds of millions of cycles. Direct coupling to the load greatly improves a machine’s accuracy. Dual Axis linear stepper motors provide up to 134N (30 lbs.) of static force. Additionally, the design incorporates a high attractive force up to 1780N (400 lbs.) to allow face up or inverted mounting.

Linear Motors and Stages
Baldor provides the widest range of industrial linear motors, linear stages and controls. Linear motors provide direct-coupled motion and eliminate mechanical transmission devices. The rugged mechanical design provides accurate motion and precision positioning for hundreds of millions of cycles.

Mint Automation Software and Applications
Mint is Baldor’s high speed compiled BASIC programming language for motion and machine control. Mint provides multitasking capability for motion, I/O, HMI and communication tasks. Including the modern BASIC programming functionality makes it simple to write and develop modular programs that are easily understood by others, easily maintained, and easily re-used across different applications.

Motion Control Solutions
Baldor motion control products are at the heart of automation, bringing reliability and flexibility to today’s machines. Baldor’s comprehensive motion control range includes rotary AC and DC servo motors, linear motors, servo drives, multi-axis motion controllers, and inverter and vector drives.

Motion Product Accessories
Baldor HMI panels, cables, power supplies and filters complete the total solution for your motion control applications. Baldor operator panels are fully programmable, removing the burden from the motion controller. Text panels are available with simple programmable graphic display and keypad for data entry. A range of touch screens from 3.8” to 12.1” are available with full graphics capabilities in color and monochrome.

NextMove Multi-Axis Motion Controllers
With today’s automation applications demanding increasing speed and flexibility to stay ahead, finding a control solution to meet those demands can be difficult. Utilizing a high performance processor core coupled with the power, flexibility and ease of use of its Mint programming language, Baldor’s NextMove range of motion controllers can take on the most demanding of multi-axis applications.

Real Time Ethernet Motion Solutions
Baldor’s e100 control products provide a cutting edge solution to machine control. The e100 family includes compact single phase drives, three phase AC drives with DC bus energy sharing and Baldor’s Mint motion control technology. Combined with real-time Ethernet, they provide a platform for implementing a wide variety of machine control applications.

Servo, Linear & Motion Control Products
Baldor offers one of the broadest selections of motion control products in the industry today. Products include rotary AC and DC servo motors, linear motors, servo drives and multi-axis motion controllers. Baldor motion controllers and intelligent servo drives are programmed in the powerful but easy to use motion language, Mint.