Predictive Features of the Schneider Electric TeSys T Motor Management System

Did you know that Schneider Electric’s TeSys T Motor Management System is loaded with Predictive Features and allows an Easy and Preventive Maintenance?
  • TeSys T Predictive features such as accurate Current, Voltage, Power and Energy measurements allow to detect very small drifts in process conditions. Those small changes in process conditions are used to predict process downtime.
  • TeSys T extensive data collection simplifies maintenance tasks and provides the information necessary for preventive maintenance. An easy Interface with SCADA systems (such as Vijeo Citect) facilitates the implementation of advanced preventive maintenance routines.
  • TeSys T comprehensive motor protection prevents unwanted events in your process and protects your investment. Advanced Warning features help to predict process downtime and manage your process more efficiently.
  • TeSys T advanced diagnostic functions gives you the ability to pin point precisely the cause of a problem in your system. Advanced diagnostic functions and the smart removable connectors fitted on TeSys T make maintenance tasks easier and faster.
Keep in mind that TeSys T is designed to reduce downtime of your critical processes and reduce the cost of your operations.