SMC Pneumatics Position Feedback Sensor for XRAY-S Gripper Series

Zaytran, SMC’s partner in heavy-duty grippers, is now offering a position feedback sensor option for the XRAY-S gripper series. ZAYTRAN’s premier large format gripper, the XRAY-S, has very long strokes. The long strokes enable the XRAY-S to handle a wide variety of parts without having to change tooling. The ability to precisely monitor the jaw’s position greatly increases the gripper’s capabilities.

A short stroke gripper that would handle only one part typically would use two barrel proximity sensors to monitor when the gripper is “full open” and “closed on part.” Long stroke grippers, that handle many different parts, typically use multiple barrel proximity sensors to sense each individual part. It is not uncommon for an XRAY-S gripper to have as many as 6 sensors mounted on its side. This is not desirable for two reasons, cost and cable management. The XRAY-S is designed to operate in harsh environments, so the barrel proximity sensors have to be fully shielded which makes them expensive. Cable management is an issue since each prox. sensor has its own cable; multiple sensors mean multiple cables to route around a robot arm.

The new position feedback sensor for the XRAY-S solves both of the problems associated with the use of barrel proximity sensors. The cost of this package is typically less expensive than purchasing multiple proximity sensors. Since there is only one wire that extends from the sensor, cable management is not much of a concern. Additionally, the position feedback sensor is repeatable to ±0.0005 inches. This allows the XRAY-S-2200-PF to be used for part discrimination and stroke limitation (for quicker cycle times).

For new applications the position feedback sensor can be factory installed on new XRAY-S grippers. To retrofit an existing application there is a field installable kit. The position feedback sensor is available with either analog or digital outputs for application flexibility.

XRAY-S grippers are designed for use in harsh environments. The bearings are fitted with wipers and industrial scrapers. The pistons are hardened and fitted with welding scrapers and polymer wipers. The position feedback sensor is rated IP-67. This combined with lube-for-life helix technology assures years of trouble-free operation.

ZAYTRAN is a world leader in the design and manufacture of pneumatic grippers for harsh environments, large parts, class one clean rooms and locating devices for car body fabrication.