Honeywell Sensing and Control 15, 30 and 100psi ASDX Silicon Pressure Sensors

Honeywell is pleased to announce the third and final upgrade this year to the ASDX Series Silicon Pressure Sensor portfolio with new 15, 30, and 100 psi low pressure devices. As you recall, in May we upgraded the portfolio with new 1 and 5 psi low pressure sensors. In September we launched new ultra-low pressure devices that included 0 to 10 inches of H2O gage, ±10 inches of H2O differential, and ±5 inches of H2O differential. All of these sensors incorporate ASIC technology for a fast response, an SPI or I2C digital output option, and a choice of a 3.3 V or 5 V power supply. These devices are designed for potential medical and industrial applications.