New Literature from Rittal

Comprehensive Colocation
Rittal produces collocation rack enclosures that are truly suited to the rigors of current collocation deployments. Rittal’s collocation rack enclosures are engineered to handle the intense physical security requirements of the market with durable construction, doors with two-point latching, internal hinges, locking handles and secure cable management that allows entry from both the top and bottom.

JB and WM Wallmount Enclosures Specification Guide
Rittal’s WM and JB industrial wallmount enclosures are focused on meeting the needs of the North American market – readily available in all of the most popular sizes, protection categories and configurations used by Rittal’s customers.

Renewable Energy
Rittal offers an expansive enclosure offering for indoor/outdoor freestanding, wallmount and HMI applications available off-the-shelf in a wide variety of sizes, protection categories and construction materials.

Thermoelectric Cooler
Rittal’s powerful, lightweight thermoelectric cooling unit is the eco-friendly climate-control solution for command panels and small enclosures. An energy saving of more than 60% compared with conventional industry systems is possible.

TopConsole System
Rittal has developed a console system with an unmistaeable slim-line appearance. The enhanced design of the TopConsole enclosures incorporates very special qualities with regard to modular configuration, ease of assembly and system accessories – all combined with outstanding cost benefits.

TS8 Specification Guide
The Rittal TS8 is the premier modular enclosure available in the world today. The strength and flexibility of the TS8 come from its robust 16-fold, tubular frame that features a 25mm hole pattern that allows components and accessories to be mounted horizontally or vertically and can support loads of up to 3200 lbs.