Banner Engineering QS18AF Adjustable Field Sensors

The QS18AF series of sensors has been updated with new technology which triples the maximum detection range. A new detection algorithm allows the sensor to see further and continue providing the excellent background suppression performance Banner sensors are known for. These sensor improvements and new models fill out the Banner product offering and set-up a powerful group of adjustable field sensors in a compact plastic housing.

  • Tripling of scanning distance in the same QS18 housing.
  • Enhanced immunity to fluorescent lights.
  • Cross talk immunity so sensors can be used in close proximity to each other.
  • Reduced color sensitivity and hysteresis compared to the existing QS18AF100 mm sensor at comparable range.
  • Short range background suppression model for precise background suppression, allowing detection of thinner objects closer to the background.
  • Models with foreground suppression mode:
  • Foreground suppression or “Background Detection” can be more reliable when a fixed background is present, and the object color or shape varies.
  • Familiar housing with bright indicator lights, compact and rugged construction, and a wide variety of connector options.
  • Packaging machines – Box cutting and folding equipment
  • Glass Panel processing – Conveyor equipment for solar panels, Conveyor equipment for LCD flat panels
  • Packaged food detection on conveyors – Foreground suppression especially useful for detecting baked goods or chocolates on a white food grade conveyor
  • Label placement and cap verification in pharmaceutical packaging
  • Linen and textile detection in laundry machines
  • Through the roller tote detection