E-T-A Remote Power Controller with Smart Circuit Breaker Technology

E-T-A’s new E-1048-800 smart circuit breaker is designed with solid state technology to provide relay control and is the first device of its kind to combine solid-state switching, electronic circuit protection, analog signal output and diagnostics functions all into one package. Now design engineers using relays and circuit breakers (or relay and fuses) can replace those two devices with a single compact unit, plus get the benefits of emerging “smart” circuit protection technology. The E-1048 saves space and time, increases reliability, and provides unprecedented protection.
The E-1048-800 power controller is suited for switching DC loads in automotive and automation applications, and for low voltage DC or multiplex systems used in power circuits on boats and other vehicles.
Unique Smart Relay Control
Its most unique feature is a 0-5 V analog output that is proportional to the current flowing through the device. Of this output is connected to a control system such as a programmable logic controller (PLC) or ASIC microcontroller, the signal can be used to provide intelligent relay control. For example, a PLC may be programmed to turn off the device if the circuit current reaches a predetermined and programmable threshold.
Programmable Trip Point
Normally, the trip point of a circuit breaker is defined as a range, but with the help of a PLC, the trip point of the E-1048-800 device can be used form any current rating from 1 to 25A. Traditional circuit breakers do not offer this flexibility or this degree of precision. Whether remotely controlled or not, the E-1048-800 will trip off automatically at its current rating. If higher current ratings are required, multiple units may my mounted in parallel.
Unique Current Limiting Technology
A traditional circuit breaker will respond to a short circuit within milliseconds, but in that brief time, high amperage may pass through the circuit. In contrast, the circuit protection inside the E-1048-800 is current limiting. Solid state technology limits the maximum short circuit to approximately 50A. This feature is especially important for sensitive control components. Unlike some competing products, it provides precise delay that prevents nuisance tripping caused by inrush currents associated with solenoids and motor loads.
Transistor Diagnostic Signal
In addition to the analog output, the E-1048-800 provides visual indication and a transistor output that can be used in a control system as the input for an alarm. In this way, the device can alert operators to problems such as overload, no load, or a broken circuit caused by broken wires or resistive elements. In addition, the unit provides LED indication of overloads, wire breakage detection and status of load and line. Not all SSRPCs supply detailed diagnostic information, which is increasingly required by control systems as a way to reduce downtime.
Amplifies PLC Outputs
The E-1048-800 protects PLCs from overloads and short circuits while it also provides power amplification of PLC output signals, without the need to change the PLC output cards. It minimizes costly downtime by protecting PLC output status.
Convenient Form Factors
The E-1048-800 is available is three forms. The CUBIC and the DICE versions are a direct replacement for relays that plug into standard automotive relay sockets. The INLINE version is a plug-in style commonly used in industrial applications. Industrial uses include process control and automation equipment used in the food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and power utility industries. OEM applications include buses, trucks, boats, and off-road vehicles.
Because of the functions of relay, circuit protection, diagnostics, and current sensing are combined in one unit, the E-1048-800 installs in one-tenth the time it takes to integrate these components separately.