New Literature from Schneider Electric

22mm Plastic Pushbuttons, Selector Switches and Pilot Lights Selection Guide

Schneider Electric has produced a number of look-up tables to quickly find the correct pushbutton, selector switch or pilot light for your application. Accessories such as mounting bases, contact blocks, legend plates and LED lamp modules are also listed.

Alternating Relay 8501KA
The new Schneider Electric/Square D 8501KA alternating relay is designed to minimize pump and motor wear by equalizing run time between parallel components in a multi-pump system.
Altivar 71 Drive
Featuring the industry’s best reaction times (2ms ±0.5ms) and operation speeds up to 1600Hz, Schneider Electric’s Altivar 71 drive can move your business without missing a step. This includes a choice of speed or torque regulation, built-in safety functions for emergency stops, overspeed detection, veering and load holding in case of brake failure.
Magelis Family of HMI Products

Schneider Electric’s Magelis HMIs are the world’s most popular family of human machine interfaces. Easy to install, setup and operate, Magelis HMIs provide a simple and effective means of connecting systems, collecting data and presenting information in a meaningful format.

Electrical South Remanufactured Industrial Electronics
Electrical South, a division of Schneider Electric, has continually set the standard in the industrial electronic repair business. Each reconditioned item is inspected and certified to perform as good as new and comes with a no-nonsense, comprehensive 1-year warranty.

Pumping Equipment Solutions
In today’s complex market, to meet the challenges ahead, you need more than an equipment supplier – you need a solutions provider. When you’re concerned about energy efficiency, pump controls design or bidding and specification processes, Schneider Electric has the resources available to help.

PowerPact D-Frame Circuit Breakers
Schneider Electric PowerPact D-frame electronic trip molded case circuit breakers are designed to protect electrical systems from damage caused by overloads and short circuits. The D-frame circuit breakers use an electronic trip system to signal the circuit breaker to open automatically.
Magelis XBT GT Touch Screen
The Magelis XBT GT range of touch screens by Schneider Electric provides users with a combination of elegant displays and impressive power. Designed for multimedia, the Magelis XBT GT offers more realistic and detailed images and also supports video. View and record real-time images from a camera connected to the Magelis XBT GT.


Terminal Blocks

Technical information on Schneider Electric’s 9080 series of fuseholders and power distribution blocks. 9080 fuseholders accept types H, R, CC, M and J fuses up to 200A and come in 250V and 600V versions. 9080LB power distribution blocks can be used to splice or distribute wires within a control panel.

TeSys GV2-GV3 Manual Starters and Protectors
Ingenuity and simplicity are the key words of the Schneider Electric/Telemecanique GV3 P range of 9 to 65A manual starters and protectors. Its new EverLink power terminals are designed to maintain a constant tightening force on the wire and assures a strong, safe and long lasting connection in the most demanding environments.